A Case against the Jumbotron

Billy Boob McNutt www.dbbsports.comContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

As of late, a great injustice has begun to plague the landscape of both professional and college football. It’s not the football being played in the Bay Area nor the Apple State. It hails from something that has brought much love and joy through the years.

It is the Jumbotron.

Lately, any game that you watch has that moment when the referees make a questionable call and while the commentators are discussing whether or not it was right, the men in the trailer cut to a shot of the head coach looking skyward as if praying to God to give him guidance in what to do? And God, if you’re the home team, usually answers those prayers on the Jumbotron.

When the Jumbotron first came on the scene, it was there to be used for obnoxious PDA provocation (really, if you need a Jumbotron to get you action, you are completely pathetic), lame giveaways, flashing the hotties baring mid-riff on the front row, and showcasing  (which has created a game of one-up-manship between Sports Douches to the evolution of the Super Sports Douche).

What the Jumbotron was meant for

What the Jumbotron was meant for

Now, with technology, the game can be broadcast on the Jumbotron for those peeps stuck behind some a-hole who doesn’t want to use his seat, and can be used to replay the last play instantaneously. This last technology has slowly seeped into affecting games with plays that are called and decisions made on the field.

Think of the power, the geek, er, technician, at the control panel wields. He (or she [but I seriously doubt it]) decides what to show on that screen during the timeouts and after plays. In a split second, he can have the entire crowd either booing the call or cheering an exceptional play.

Either this power has gone to the tech’s head or for the conspiracy theorists does so on an edict handed down from management. The Jumbotron operator now decides which plays will be shown. If a call questionably falls in the home team’s favor, there will be no replay. If it falls against, multiple angles will be shown to incite the chorus of “BBBOOOO!!!”

What this does, in the age of instant replay, is give the home coach the opportunity to throw their little red challenge flag with more information than the visiting coach. Is it not enough advantage to not travel that week, to have a rabid fan base spitting vitriol at the visitors, and to have the calls go your way in the first place because you are at home?

Jumbotron, not Jumbo Tron

It needs to be standardized, plain and simple. The solution? Every home field should have the Hamlet option: To replay or not to replay, all plays or no plays.

The Boob is a forward thinker, and while a major controversy has not erupted from this yet, if it’s not corrected soon, somebody is going to get screwed like Miami against a Ohio State University and it won’t be the home team.


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