Dear Fantasy Nerd, Please Stay Away

Brad FalconeContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

The beginning of the Major League Baseball season means drafts for fantasy nerds around the world.

Stop it.

How can anybody have enough time to track players for six months? I like baseball, but I have a social life. I don't need to track players' numbers to care.

People who sit on their computers in the middle of June looking for Melvin Mora for Larry Bigbie trades are the same guy you see at Star Wars movies for the sixth and seventh time.

If you need fantasy baseball or football to watch the game, you are not a real fan. These are the people appalled with steroids in baseball tainting records. 

Get over it.

I go to watch baseball games to watch home runs and great plays in the field, not to track them.

I have a lot of fantasies, and none of them involve Derek Jeter.

So dear fantasy nerds, please stay away in 2009 and the years to follow.