WWE SummerSlam 2012: Brock Lesnar's Last Fight Shouldn't Be vs. Triple H

Jesse ReedCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2012

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

Brock Lesnar can't be finished, can he?

After destroying Triple H at WWE SummerSlam 2012, Lesnar has announced his retirement. He did so in a short video on Paul Heyman's Tout account, which you can see for yourself here

His reasoning is that he "doesn't have anything left to conquer," among other things. 

As good and as legendary as Triple H is, I strongly disagree with that statement.

Sure, the fight was as brutal and epic as everyone had assumed it would be, and he "broke" Triple H's arm...again. But there are a few other guys that Lesnar needs to defeat if he truly wants to be able to back a statement like that up. 

There are three guys in particular that Lesnar needs to beat before he can truly say he has nothing left to conquer.


John Cena

Lesnar absolutely destroyed Cena at Extreme Rules, but somehow he didn't come away with the victory. By somehow, of course I mean that Cena decked Lesnar so hard at the finale that the poor guy couldn't see straight for a few weeks. 

Cena is one of the biggest stars of the WWE, and as far as I'm concerned, Lesnar doesn't even come close to matching his popularity and status. 

And Cena isn't even the baddest dude on this list. 


The Rock

Although The Rock hasn't been a huge part of the WWE of late, he's still one of the most recognizable and loved stars the sport of professional wrestling has to offer. His track record's pretty good, too. 

As burly as Lesnar is, The Rock has battled guys like him ever since his days as a college football player at the University of Miami. He is really strong, and I'd love to see him and Lesnar go at it for 20-30 minutes. 

If the match actually went down clean, I can't honestly say who would win. I do know, however, that until Lesnar defeats The Rock, he won't be anything more than a passing fancy in the WWE.

And we haven't even gotten to the most dangerous man Lesnar has yet to conquer.


The Undertaker

When you look up "bad dude" in the encyclopedia, The Undertaker is who you'll find. There isn't a figure in wrestling more intimidating, more feared and more revered than him. 

No matter how old he gets, The Undertaker is always down for an epic brawl. 

Until Lesnar steps up to the plate to take on this legend, he can't rightfully say he has nothing left to conquer. 


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