WWE: Why Post SummerSlam, John Cena Must Feud with Brock Lesnar

Anthony SalvatoreCorrespondent IIAugust 20, 2012


For once, WWE got it right.

SummerSlam did a good job of setting right some wrongs that had been going on in the WWE, from Santino getting stripped of his title (I love Santino, but this went down the only way it could have) to the Miz keeping the IC Strap (can we please leave it on someone for a while?). 

But those issues are for another article.

This article is about another match that went the way it was supposed to, namely the triple threat match between CM Punk, Big Show and John Cena.

Punk retained the title as he should have.

Now for those of you who have read some of my previous articles, I have made it known that I am a John Cena fan and for that, I make no apologies.

But this was not the time for John Cena to win the strap.

The WWE Championship is being rehabilitated by having a great Champ in CM Punk hold the title for as long as he has. 

John Cena, after so long at the top, front and center of the title picture, needs some time away from the title.  Plus, as I have mentioned in a previous article, Cena needs to do a bit more to earn another shot.  This will not only balance the scales for those who feel Cena is handed everything, but also would go a long way to reinstating the mystique of underdog that made John Cena a wrestler all used to love.


To this point, another thing that went right was Brock Lesnar defeating HHH.  Now I was rooting for HHH for sentimental reasons, plus I was never a big fan of Brock Lesnar.  But presumably with this win, Brock will be a greater part of WWE programing while this is an opportunity for HHH to focus more on running things behind the scenes.

This course of events dovetails nicely with Cena's failure to capture the WWE Title.

A wrong has been perpetrated, not once but twice.  A Hall of Famer had his arm broken in HBK.  Future Hall of Famer HHH was beaten and again had his arm broken.

A violent force will now run roughshod over the WWE in Brock Lesnar.

In the cosmic scheme of things in Pro Wrestling, a sheriff needs to come in to town to run the black hat out of town.

And riding in on a Gucci saddle, Count Basie playing in the middle of the desert comes...is that Cleavon Little?

No.  It's John Cena.

This is a perfect opportunity for John Cena to get his way back into the graces of the fans.


First off, a wrong must be righted.  HHH has been martyred in a way by losing and being maimed by Lesnar.  This was more than a grudge match, this got personal.  Families were involved.  grave physical harm was done not just to HHH but to HBK in disturbing fashion.  In wrestling, there is a balance and when something like that goes down, by hook or by crook, there has to be a reckoning.  In many ways, the very complexion of the WWE is at stake.

Besides, who ever beats a McMahon, even if it is by marriage, and doesn't pay a consequence?

Secondly, a feud between Cena and Lesnar will force Cena to change character.  Lesnar needs to terrorize Cena.  and beat him at first, and beat him good.  Whether Cena picks a fight with Lesnar, or more likely, Lesnar going after Cena to finish old and recent accounts, a feud with a guy like Lesnar will force Cena to do one of two things: adapt or die.

Lesnar needs to back Cena into a corner where Cena is forced to go back to a tougher, more focused, and even a little meaner John Cena.  Cena is an a@# kicker, but lately he has been acting more like a boot licker.  And I say this as a diehard fan who will always cheer for him.  He had the eye of the tiger, and somehow success—be it real or scripted—has caused him to lose it.


Thirdly, if John Cena is to continue being a credible title threat or even a credible main-eventer, he needs to be in an epic feud.  A feud where no one gives him a chance to win.  A feud where he gets the hell beat out of him.  But a feud in which he ultimately comes back from genuinely difficult odds and wins based on guts.  People need to believe it.  People need to begin feeling for Cena.  People need to feel that this might be a wrap for Cena.

Cena has failed to cash in on numerous opportunities to become champion, including an all but sure thing with MIB.  His credibility is at stake.  It needs to be reinstated with pain, blood, and glorious triumph.

Only a guy like Brock Lesnar can accomplish this.


Whether you want Cena to ever become any kind of champ again, John Cena is a great character that needs rehabilitation because many people have stopped caring about him. 

Everyone cares about an underdog.  Everyone loves a comeback story.  Only Brock Lesnar can bring the pain and the glory back.

John Cena needs to feud with Brock Lesnar.

As always fellow Bleachers, I welcome your comments.