Tracy McGrady Out. Deja Vu Sets In.

DerrichContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

I can’t misremember it. Like a bad nightmare. December 9, 2004.

A friend and I were at Sherlock's in Rice Village, Houston, TX. The only two Spurs fans in the place, we were proud and loud. Maybe obnoxious at times. The Spurs’ lead was no match for Tracy McGrady’s will. He proceeded to nail four consecutive three-pointers into the Spurs coffin to lead the Rockets to a 81-80 win.

The 13 in 33 is emblazoned in the back of my mind and is one of the most remarkable sports marvels I’ve ever seen.

Good thing Houstonians are friendly.

The Rockets picked up McGrady in 2004 to pair him up with the 7′6″ Yao Ming hoping to bring a championship to Two-ston. But it seems his best performances have come from the bench. Last season, the Rockets assembled the second-longest winning streak in NBA history without TMac.

Deja Vu?

The Rockets are enjoying a five-game winning streak (eight straight at home) without McGrady and have 21 games remaining in the season. (I hope this post is a jinx to that possibility…Go Spurs!)

As exciting and confident as Tracy McGrady is, where does that leave his future with the Rockets? Obviously the team has flourished without him in the line up.

So, is McGrady the greatest, ineffective player ever? Wait. The ineffective-est, great player? Best Irish basketball player? Talk to me Houston fan.