College Football Teams That Have High Bust Potential

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There will be teams that disappoint, and there will be teams that reach win totals we never thought possible. This is the nature of the roller-coaster ride that is the college football season, which always seems so easy on paper.

Then the games kick in (and thankfully that moment is very, very soon), and the talk means very little. Injuries will certainly impact these scenarios dramatically, but other teams will just fall flatter than anticipated.

"Potential" will turn out to be just that, and an away game or two will suddenly not be a penciled-in "W" as expected.

Not all top teams will play as such, and preseason polls (which mean absolutely nothing in the overall picture) will prove to have massive holes yet again.

This year is no different, and "bust" could surface with some of the nation’s finest programs going into the season.

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