Sky Sports Starts Premiership Season with Epic Commercial

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Welcome back, English Premiership. We missed you greatly. 

This video (h/t BuzzFeed) sums up exactly how millions around the world feel about the start of the new season. 

Many of you out there are still stuck in the unfortunate sentiment that soccer is boring. Well, it's football, and no, it's not boring. 

You can talk all you want about scoring, but that doesn't explain how the Charlotte Bobcats or Chicago Cubs manage to sell more than one ticket every game. 

The joy is in the anticipation, the build up and the release. You can now excuse yourself to go have a cigarette after. 

You only need to take a gander at this commercial that features fans from a wealth of stadiums following each pass and deflection. 

The amazing face of frustration is beautiful, just like the sport. 

It all leads to the best crescendo in sport, a perfect ball being netted after minutes of waiting and hoping. That's when fans slap hands, cheer and think to themselves, "damn I love this game."

Stick around, and you may just see something remarkable. Just as every fan in this video did. Welcome back, football. 

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