Will Clemson Slip in the Overall ACC Standings?

John CroomContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

Virginia Tech came down to Clemson, SC to play the Clemson Tigers. Virgina Tech came in as the "underdog" but came out with a win that was one in the last minute of the game. Virgina Tech won with a three-point slide. In the past ACC games, they all have been won with five points or more, so it was great to have an intense ACC game.

Is Clemson falling? This season the Tigers have been jumping around in the ACC overall standings. This year, Clemson started out amazing in the NCAA at 16-0 but, after the Wake Forest loss, they were then defeated by North Carolina. So they are 22-5. Will they fall at Florida State? We will see on  Saturday. Will they fall? They are third in the overall ACC standings; will they stay?