Manchester United vs. Everton: Score, Highlights and Grades

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2012

In a match that saw Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie take the pitch for the first time as Manchester United teammates, Everton's Marouane Fellaini was the best player roaming the sod of Goodison Park. 

He led his squad to a monumental 1-0 win. 

This was just the third time in their last 16 matchups that Everton was able to take down Man U. 

This win was no fluke either. Everton was clearly the superior side on the day. Manchester United controlled possession, but they did little with it. It was Everton that was earning better looks and firing off more shots.

Still, this one easily could have gone either way. After both teams had some near misses and great stops, they entered halftime locked at zero. 

The second half began much like the first played out until Darron Gibson drilled a corner toward the box in the 57th minute, and Fellani went over United's Michael Carrick for a header that ended the scoreless play.

As for van Persie's highly-anticipated debut? It didn't come until the second half. He looked good out there, but he wasn't given a lot of time to do anything. That will be quickly changing. 

Check out his debut and other highlights below.



Let's jump back to the first half. Here are two solid highlights that should give you a good idea of why these two entered halftime tied at zero. 

Alright, we've already talked about this huge Everton goal, and now it is time to watch it. 



Wayne Rooney: C

Wayne Rooney is not to be blamed for the Red Devils' limp attack. His teammates were doing a terrible job of getting him the ball. 

However, he did have a few looks and missed a chance at a header that was a relatively easy goal-scoring chance. 


David de Gea: B+

Sure, David de Gea allowed the game's only goal, but he is hardly to blame for that score. De Gea was solid in goal—especially in the first half.

Everton fired off 18 shots, seven of which were on goal, and he had a few wonderful saves among them.


Tim Howard: B+

Manchester United got only four shots off that found their target, and Tim Howard was there to stop them all, which included a nice diving save. 

Howard didn't have a lot of work today, but he handled his light duty expertly. 


Marouane Fellaini: A+

As has become obvious, Fellaini had an outstanding match. He was aggressive, assertive and a step quicker than the competition the entire match. 

Fellaini was substituted out in extra time, and he received a well-deserved raucous ovation from the overjoyed Everton fans. 

I won't be at all surprised to see Fellaini's name popping up in connection with Manchester City after a performance like this.