Florida Gators: Tight End Charles Says No

Josh SawyersContributor IFebruary 25, 2009

Orson Charles took the Gators off his list of schools he is still considering. This leaves USC, Georgia, and Tennessee still in the running.

Now, the question I ask is why? He has stated that he will make his official announcement on Mar. 6, so why take the Gators off the list with 10 days to go?

I tried to look at the facts on this one, and why would a hybrid TE like Charles not want to play for the Gators?

Of the three schools that he has left, which one of them has shown that they can use a tight end that can line up as a receiver like the Gators have?

These schools have had some great tight ends come through their respective programs, but they have all been the big, traditional tight ends, which right now Orson isn't.

All he had to do is walk on campus and he was second on the depth chart. This one will hurt the depth chart, but we still have a great one in Aaron Hernandez.

The Gators did pick up Desmond Parks as a fast tight end that can cause matchup problems for opposing linebackers, but Charles would have been a solid addition.

Also the Gators are working the class of 2010 hard for a TE, and have Xavier Grimble, Gerald Christian, and Charles Fashaw targeted. But this is just a decision that I cannot understand.

The only thing I can think of is, Urban and company did not make Orson feel special, because he would have been a perfect fit for the Gators spread offense.