Madden 13: Running Backs Who Will Prove They Are Underrated

Ian HanfordFeatured ColumnistAugust 21, 2012

ARLINGTON, TX - DECEMBER 11:   DeMarco Murray #29 of the Dallas Cowboys carries the ball against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium on December 11, 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

A dynamic presence in your virtual backfield can change games at the drop of a hat, and that doesn't just hold true for ball-carriers carrying elite ratings in Madden 13.

Running backs with a 90-plus rating can be considered elite, without a doubt, but they aren't the only players who will have gamers blowing by the opposing defenses.

A player's rating can be irrelevant in ways. It depends on how the controlling player plays, and how he utilizes that player.

Speaking to that idea, here are three running backs who will prove themselves to be very underrated in this year's Madden franchise. One player will be a favorite for those who favor speed, another will be for any gamer who loves to run defenders over and the final back will be a blend of the two.

Let's take a look.

*For EA Sports' running back ratings, click here. There's also a link on their website to access more in-depth ratings for all you gamer maniacs out there.


Reggie Bush

Bush isn't going to run anyone over with his 55 trucking rating, but he carries other attributes that will make you drool.

The Miami Dolphins' running back is an 84 overall. That's mostly due to his 95 speed rating, 97 acceleration and 94 elusiveness. On top of that, Bush's catching rating is an 83.

Ignore his flaws, because this guy is a serious weapon in the video game world. Players like Bush are absolutely unstoppable when you get them on the fringe of a defense, and his ability to catch the ball gives him maximum versatility.

It's easy to overlook Bush because he's far from the complete package, but he's an electric weapon for a Dolphins offense otherwise devoid of such options.

Pitch him the ball in space and watch him go, people.


Michael Bush

The "other" Bush is actually the complete opposite of Reggie, but he shouldn't be any less appealing.

Michael Bush is a human battering ram, and he will dole out plenty of punishment with EA's new physics engine. He carries an 83 overall rating, and that's not because of his 86 speed or 87 acceleration (although those aren't bad for the purpose he serves).

He will earn his keep with an 81 strength rating and 94 trucking rating. If defensive players don't get out of his way, feel free to carry them with you.

The former Raiders running back also has a 74 catch rating, which if you're like me is a big deal. A solid safety valve out of the backfield is a nice thing to have, and Bush gives the Bears two with starter Matt Forte utilizing his superb 86-rated hands.

Short-yardage backs are a great thing to have, and Bush is the cream of the crop. The Bears boast one of the game's best tandems partially due to their versatility.


DeMarco Murray

Murray is a solid all-around presence in the Dallas backfield, and he's more than worth your attention. His 83 overall rating doesn't jump off the page, but the attributes inside the rating should.

He carries a 94 speed rating, a 93 acceleration and an 88 for trucking. He's also strong enough to overpower defenders and elusive enough to make a few people miss.

I'll stick with my pattern and mention his 81 hands as well.

Murray isn't a superstar, but he's a better player than you might think. Dallas has a solid array of receiving options for Tony Romo to throw to, and Murray is a perfect complement to their aerial attack.

If used correctly, Murray will make you very happy. He can do a little bit of everything, despite not being a household name.