WWE Raw Live Results: Post-SummerSlam Reaction and Review for August 20, 2012

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistAugust 20, 2012


Welcome to the Bleacher Report live blog for Monday Night Raw where we cover all the action as it happens live on television.

Tonight we will see the fallout from SummerSlam including where Brock Lesnar goes from here, how the WWE Champion feels about his level of respect following his win and much more.

SummerSlam only saw one title change hands, and it just so happened during the pre-show when Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino to win the US title.

Since we typically see the US Champion on Raw and the IC Champion on SmackDown we could see Cesaro tonight, but WWE just throws the mid-card champions between shows without any rhyme or reason.

If Sheamus is in the house tonight then it is always possible we could see Dolph Ziggler cash in his Money in the Bank case, especially since he will be looking to redeem himself after his loss to Chris Jericho at SummerSlam.

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Make sure to bookmark this page and come back tonight when Raw goes on the air live for full coverage and analysis of the SummerSlam fallout and beginning of the road towards Night of Champions.