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Here at BR5 we partnered up with TechnoBuffalo and checked out some of the newest apps by some of the most famous and infamous athletes. While we have our own opinions on whether we would ever give these a shot, we decided to hit the streets of NYC to see if New Yorkers would go out of their way to download them.

The first app we tested out was Mike Tyson’s Main event. While we may not be fans of some of Tyson's life decisions, we may all agree that this app is actually a lot of fun. P.S… You get a chance to take out a certain character from the Jersey Shore in the later rounds.

Considering how self centered Dwight Howard is, we were not surprised when HEY WOOORLD consisted of videos and pictures of just Dwight. So, unless you enjoy staring at Dwight Howard, this app is not entertaining at all.   

The third app on our list included the beloved, Tim Tebow. There really wasn’t much to this one, if you hate Tebow you get to take your frustrations out on him for a few seconds.

The fourth app we checked out was Chad Johnson’s, Mad Chad. Fortunately for him, Johnson’s game may be more successful than his career. Not bad to try out if you have some time to spare time.

Our last app, Jose Canseco’s Power Hitter, consists of instructional videos for baseball players looking to improve their swing. Why anyone would want to take hitting tips from Canseco, we’re not really sure, but Canseco gives you that opportunity in his new app for just $3.99.

So what do you think? Would you buy or download any of these apps? Let us know below!

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