Terrell Owens Features in Pilot Episode of Matthew Perry's 'Go On'

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 20, 2012

Photo Credit: Goonmatthewperry.com
Photo Credit: Goonmatthewperry.com

Be warned: Terrell Owens was bit by the acting bug. 

The Seattle Seahawks receiver is featured in the pilot episode of Matthew Perry's new show Go On. I am happy to report, with some shock and dismay, that things weren't all that bad 

Consider this par for the course for T.O.'s new life as a better-than-we-expected receiver and an athlete who is back in the good graces of the NFL

His role on the show was minor and was not the disaster one might expect from the super diva. 

That goes for the newest joint from Perry as well.

Some of you may have caught the pilot episode during coverage of the London Olympics, feeling a tad bit of outrage that NBC would sneak in a premiere when you had a hankering for some hot race-walking action. 

Being the lazy man I am, the channel was left unchanged. 

The show follows Perry, who plays a sports talk show host who is dealing with the recent death of his wife. Because of this, he is mandated towards grief counseling, and therein lies the rest of the zany characters. 

Really, there isn't anything to hate about the show, which is pretty much a thumbs up considering most pilots. Think of it as Chandler Bing talking sports, and who wouldn't like something like that? Oh...just me. 

Spoiler Alert!

Anyhoo, Owens comes at the tail end of the episode that features Perry's character, Ryan King, in a mental meltdown. 

After interviewing Owens on his show, King sees T.O. texting while driving, the same reason Perry's character lost his wife. He throws a basket of fruit at the car and then makes fun of Owens for playing in a third-rate Indoor Football League.

Owens, who was actually thrown out of said league, proves he has an awesome sense of humor. 

So, if you are looking for a pleasant time that doesn't completely suck, take in NBC's second showing of the pilot episode on September 11, 9:00 ET/8:00 C. 

I can promise that you won't hate life. 


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