Mark Sanchez Is a Marked Man: Why It's Obvious New York Media Rooting for Tebow

Lou RomContributor IAugust 20, 2012

Aug. 18, 2011; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) calls the play in the huddle against the New York Giants during the first half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

This was inevitable.

We all knew it since that on-again off-again trade in March that brought Tim Tebow to the New York Jets from the Denver Broncos, sending New York sports reporters into a tizzy.

The New York media framed this story in March, made up its mind on what the storyline would be and since then, has gone after every shred of evidence—legitimate or not—that would support that storyline.

That storyline being, Mark Sanchez will fail and be replaced by Tim Tebow.

Saturday's New York Daily News headline blared, "Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and NY Jets offense sputter against NY Giants in preseason battle."

Did Sanchez sputter? Well, to be fair, he did not find the end zone, but he did go 9-of-11 for 59 yards with an interception.

The starting quarterback on the other side of the field, a guy named Eli Manning, went only 7-of-14 for 62 yards with an interception.

Now clearly, Manning is the superior quarterback. But New York sports reporters, it seems, will grasp at any straw if it has a  "Down with Sanchez" storyline in it.

Even if it means dragging out the always controversial Amani Toomer.

In Monday's Daily News, Toomer reiterated his claim that Sanchez will be gone by midseason, replaced by Tebow.

"I don't know when, but I think before the midway point of the season it's going to be Tebow Time," Toomer said.

Sometimes the rants are anti-Sanchez; sometimes pro-Tebow.

Like this New York Post report: "Tebow provides brief spark to Jets' lackluster offense."

Does a single series with zero points scored warrant an entire story?

Why not write a headline that reflects Tebow's entire body of work Saturday, which was an unimpressive 5-of-14 for 69 yards. Granted, Tebow did not throw a pick-six to Jayron Hosley, but a .354 clip, that's barely good enough for first place among MLB hitters this year.

We all know Sanchez is no Eli. But we should also know that Tebow is no Sanchez.

Why can't the New York media cover the real story—the porous offensive line and anemic wide receivers the Jets have.

Leave the king making to the players on the field.