5 Things We Expect to See on Hard Knocks This Week

Thomas Galicia@thomasgaliciaFeatured Columnist IVAugust 20, 2012

5 Things We Expect to See on Hard Knocks This Week

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    Previously on Hard Knocks...(admit it, you read that in the voice of the narrator, Liev Schrieber).

    A mixed bag of football business awaited us last week. We got to see offensive coordinator Mike Sherman chew out his players and suggest to tight end Michael Egnew that he'd cut him if he could. We saw the details of how David Garrard got hurt, how well Tannehill has thrown the ball, and the coaches wonder why the wide receivers weren't any better.

    The grand finale of last week's episode was perhaps the most famous firing on television that wasn't carried out by Donald Trump or Vince McMahon (two guys you'd probably would rather have as owners than Stephen Ross; and if Vince McMahon did own the 'phins then there would be a way for Chad to come back).

    So what will we see on Hard Knocks this week? What are we expecting to see?

    Hopefully we won't be subjected to more of the vocal styling of Ryan Tannehill, nor more rookies getting THIS shaved into their heads (link NSFW), but we do expect these things to happen, or at least be addressed.

Karlos Dansby's Comments

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    “You don’t just give up on people, especially when you know their character and you know what they’re all about. Let’s stand behind him. I hate the fact that, you know, he didn’t get that third strike. That’s just me personally.”

    “It sucks, bro, to see it go down like it did.”

    -Karlos Dansby on the Sid Rosenberg Show when asked about the Dolphins cutting Chad Johnson

    What we don't know now is how the Dolphins dealt with Dansby's comments. Did the coaching staff tell him anything? What happened?

    We do know that this will be discussed on the show based off of these tweets by Sid Rosenberg:

    Got a call from NFL Films today asking if they can get the audio of me and Karlos Dansby for Episode 3 of #HardKnocks. With the way Episode

    — Sid Rosenberg (@sidrosenberg) August 17, 2012

    2 ended it would make sense to start with me on Tuesday night. We'll see! Tuesday night at 10 pm east only @hbo'

    — Sid Rosenberg (@sidrosenberg) August 17, 2012

    It will be interesting to see the aftermath in the locker room, which we'll have to see if they're going to air the comments on the show.


Cameron Wake's Car Accident and the Reaction

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    Lost in the frenzy over Chad Johnson is the fact that Cameron Wake got into a car accident last Monday.

    Wake came out of the accident unscathed, however his car was totaled. Because of some of the minor aches and pains which accompany car accidents like the one Wake was involved in, he was kept out of Friday night's game against Carolina.

    Since Wake isn't a troublemaker and wasn't even cited as the one at fault for the injury (the driver impeded his right of way and got the citation, and neither alcohol nor drugs were factors), it won't be very sensational. However it will be interesting to see how the team handled it and how he felt in the days after the accident (which obviously was bad enough that he didn't play).

The Wide Receiver Battle

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    Without Chad Johnson, the Dolphins are without a true number one receiver.

    In episode two we were treated to the evaluations of the receivers; from the coaches speculating why Roberto Wallace hadn't broken out as a star yet to what kind of improvement they want to see from the rest of the receivers.

    In episode three, we should see more wide receiver talk and an update on how each of them are performing, plus evaluations from the game against the Panthers.

    Also expect more Chris Hogan talk. On Friday night he proved his nickname correct again despite getting only one pass thrown to him. If Miami is making an effort to get Mr. 7-11 more involved, we will see it next episode.

A Quarterback Battle Update

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    Ryan Tannehill's first start was far from spectacular, but couldn't be considered a failure either because he didn't turn the ball over, was sacked only once, and made good decisions.

    His offensive line and receivers let him down time and time again. This was different from Chad Henne's starts with Miami as Tannehill made the right throws and his only sack came as he was stepping up to throw. He showed poise in the pocket and we could see the early development of what looks like a good quarterback.

    On the flip-side you have Matt Moore, who has been at best mediocre this preseason. He's clearly in second place in the quarterback battle, and to me even that should be questionable.

    David Garrard is hurt, and hopefully we will see on this episode how his rehab is going from surgery.

    Despite all of this information, it appears that Miami still isn't ready to make a decision as to who will be their starting quarterback this year. On the next episode of Hard Knocks, we'll see the coaching staff's evaluations of the quarterbacks. This should let us know why they likely won't name Tannehill the starter just yet, even though everything on the field tells us that they should.

The Fallout from Their Game vs. Carolina

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    Miami lost to Carolina 23-17, but the game itself wasn't as close as the score would indicate when you only talk about the plays that involved the starters from both teams.

    It was an absolute mess on Miami's side. Blocks were missed on offense, and tackles were missed on defense. You had dropped balls, drive killing penalties, and nullified turnovers.

    This will be discussed, hopefully with the focus being on the right side of the offensive line and with the transition from the 3-4 to the 4-3.

    It's odd that the defensive transition hasn't been looked at during the show. There hasn't been any extended time with new defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle and how he's trying to round the defense into shape. They've been a mess all preseason, and while we know why the receivers aren't playing so well, we should also see how the defense is adjusting to new schemes.

    As for the offensive line, a spotlight on right tackle Jonathan Martin is in order. He's only played in two preseason games as a Dolphin, yet he's already been vilified and mocked by Dolphins fans, mainly because his performance isn't on par with his draft position in round two. What have the coaches and his teammates said to him? How is he doing in practice? We see plenty of footage of Les Brown and Michael Egnew missing blocks in practice, has Jonathan Martin done the same thing?

    Along with all of this HBO teased what the Dolphins do on their downtime as part of episode three. This will likely be the more lighthearted portions of the show.

    And finally there's my pipe dream of Chad Johnson scheming to rejoin the Dolphins before getting kicked out. It won't happen but, it's good to dream right?

    It will be hard for episode three to live up to episode two's roller coaster ride, but it should be an interesting episode nonetheless.