How Hype Can Punish Your Wallet

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How Hype Can Punish Your Wallet
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images
LA Angels stud rookie Mike Trout is the one laughing now.

On August 16, Bleacher Report’s Andrew Brining wrote a thought-provoking feature called The Idiocy of Hype.

In this feature, Brining did an excellent job expressing how Los Angeles Angels rookie Mike Trout had not gotten the same attention as Washington Nationals rookie Bryce Harper. This, despite the fact Trout has outperformed Harper this season.

Brining’s piece pointed to a major issue that exists with the MLB Hype Machine—a well-fed creature fully equipped with clever writers, marketers and advertisers.

This machine cares less about players being hyped, more about ensuring unsuspecting investors believe so much in players, they find the nearest outlet to spend hard-earned money on overpriced rookie cards, autographs and memorabilia.

It sounds cynical, I know. But this cycle continues because some get caught up in this guileful concept. Then, when these players fail to meet the hype, investors are left with incredible buyer's remorse.

But by the time the dust settles, the hype machine has already moved on to the next huge thing.

With full understanding this machine has hyped athletes across a wide spectrum of sports before, this feature will provide several examples of MLB hype since 2010 that have drained thousands of wallets. The same will also provide insight into what prospect may be next on the MLB hype machine's radar.

Hopefully by the end of this feature, people of all ages can use these examples to hold on to your cash. This at least until prices come back to earth.

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