WWE SummerSlam 2012: What's Next for the New U.S. Champion, Antonio Cesaro?

Luis CamposAnalyst IAugust 19, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new United States Champion, and his name is Antonio Cesaro. 

The Swiss-born superstar defeated the former United States Champion, Santino Marella, in an extremely entertaining pre-SummerSlam match.The two men traded several moves, but in the end, the Milan Miracle, Santino Marella, found himself overpowered by the man billed as a former rugby player. 

Now that Cesaro has gold around his waist, the question remains, what can we expect from this up-and-coming superstar? 

Following the WWE's formula of title defenses, chances are that we may see a rematch of Marella vs. Cesaro in the near future. However, some may remember that Zack Ryder's loss of the title to Jack Swagger was not followed up with a rematch, which means that Cesaro could be looking for a new feud. 

There are several people on the WWE's roster who could provide Cesaro with interesting competition for the next few months. 

A smart move on the WWE's behalf would be to pair Cesaro with a veteran. Although Cesaro defeated Marella, his accomplishment is still not enough to put the new champion over, as Santino is mostly considered a comedy character. In entering a program with a veteran, Cesaro could help solidify his presence as a strong champion. 

Perhaps most suitable for this type of feud is Christian, who, at the moment, finds himself without an opponent. A program between Christian and Cesaro would allow Christian to return to the title scene, while it would provide Cesaro with a high-profile opponent. 

Additionally, another possibility for Cesaro is to face another young talent. 

In this category, there are several babyfaces that the heel Cesaro could face. Among these people are Ted DiBiase, Alex Riley and perhaps most interesting potential opponent, Zack Ryder. 

Ever since losing the title to Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder has found himself lower and lower on the card. A feud between Cesaro and and Ryder would allow Ryder to return to the midcard while giving Cesaro the opportunity to feud with a relatively popular superstar. 

Regardless of who the WWE pairs up with Cesaro, it seems that his career is going to take off. Let's hope that the WWE continues placing their faith in this great athlete. 


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