Shaun Rogers Asks Browns for Release, Cites That Eric Mangini Didn't Say "Hi"

Bare KnucksAnalyst IFebruary 26, 2009

Now we all know the real reason Shaun Rogers' nickname is "Big Baby." Rogers reportedly wants to be traded because newly hired Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini passed him in the weight room and didn’t say "hello." There was another incident in which the two were in the media room together and neither acknowledged each other.

This has got to be one of the funniest reasons to ask for a release that I have ever heard.

Stop pouting like a Big Baby, Shaun. "He didn’t say hi to me. I’m mad" sounds like a crazy girlfriend. I guess the 350-lb. Pro Bowler from Texas is not as tough as he appears to be on the football field.

Are you kidding me? You’ve got your jockstrap in a bunch because Mangini failed to say "hi" to you? What’s next...are you going to pout because the next time Mangini does say "hello," it won’t be enthusiastic enough for your liking?

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