Worst TV Announcers in the NFL

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIIAugust 19, 2012

Admit it, some NFL announcers are just terrible. All of us have one announcer whom we cannot tolerate, whom we think should've been fired five years ago, who makes us reflexively hit mute or leave us scrambling for the radio feed on Westwood One to avoid his "observations." Yes, we know that incomplete passes stop the clock. You're not exactly dropping any knowledge on us, guy.

Let's run down the shortlist of the NFL's least wanted men behind the mic:

Chris Berman has been at the helm of ESPN's pregame coverage since 300 B.C. (at least it feels that way), during an age where his glib delivery and eardrum-splitting onomatopoeia were somehow considered refreshing. Today, they're not. It's a memo that doesn't seem to have made its way to Berman's office in Bristol, an office which I imagine is decorated with shag carpeting and copious amounts of corduroy.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden knows a lot about pro football (or so we're constantly being reminded) but fails to bring an objective voice to his work on ESPN's "Monday Night Football."

Gruden was considered by many (and by "many," I mean "me") to be dead weight in the three-man booth featuring announcer Mike Tirico and Ron Jaworski. But starting this year, Jaws is out, and we're stuck with Gruden and all of the wonderful things he has to say about Tyler Palko.

And then we have Tony Siragusa, who looks like he should be roughing up delinquent gambling addicts instead of offering insight on a pro football game.

Goose works as the third wheel of the Dick Stockon-Daryl "Moose" Johnston team, but instead of working in the booth, the former Baltimore Ravens nose tackle wanders around the floor of the stadium like a nine-year-old lost at the mall. The results are...interesting.

I join Lead NFL Blogger Aaron Nagler and Senior Lead NFL Draft Writer Matt Miller in a discussion of the NFL's worst announcers. Check out our list (and some dishonorable mentions) in the video above and leave us your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for watching.