March Madness Starts March 2 With NCAA D3 Hoops Brackets

Jim DeLorenzoContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen's latest venture is the College Fanz Sports Network.  He and his team are hard at work and caught up in March Madness more than ever, as excitement continues to build for the biggest college basketball bracket event ever, College Fanz™ Perfect 10.


“March Madness is always exciting, but College Fanz Perfect 10 is a basketball dream come true for all fans with 10 brackets and 10 chances to win,” said Rasmussen.


Rasmussen is founding partner of the world’s largest online college sports community. With students, alumni, and other fans of college sports, College Fanz boasts over 22,000 web pages devoted to every team at the more than 1,450 colleges and universities throughout the United States competing in over 225,000 NCAA and NAIA athletic events. 


Fans can post videos, photographs, and comments on their favorite teams and schools, participate in contests, and communicate with other fans in a compelling and ever-growing social network.


Rasmussen’s latest innovation is changing the way college sports news and information is delivered to fans worldwide, just as his earlier creation, ESPN, changed the way people watched television.


Rasmussen founded “The Worldwide Leader in Sports” in 1979. He has been called “The Father of Cable Sports” by USA Today (September 1994).


His entrepreneurial daring led to the world’s first 24-hour cable television network, ESPN, where Rasmussen pioneered such innovations as SportsCenter,wall-to-wall coverage of NCAA regular season and March Madnessbasketball, and NFL draft coverage. He broke the advertising barrier to cable television by signing Anheuser Busch to the largest cable TV advertising contract ever.


"College Fanz Perfect 10 gives fanz a chance to win $25 million by selecting two perfect brackets.  It’s the first time that fanz can play 10 brackets, one each for both men’s and women’s basketball in not only NCAA Divisions I, II and III, but also NAIA Divisions I and II," Rasmussen said.


Registration is free. Participants need only register once to compete in all 10 contests.  Full details and rules are available at


“It's fitting that College Fanz offers the only bracket contest that allows fans to pick the postseason tournament brackets at all levels of college basketball because College Fanz is the only website that allows fans to follow teams on all levels of college sports,” said noted college basketball analyst David Paul Estes.  “Nobody else is doing anything like this.  It's just another reason why fans of all levels of college sports are flocking to the College Fanz site.”


The first tournament fields will be announced on Monday, March 2nd for NCAA Division III men’s and women’s basketball.