Madden 13: Connected Careers Website Walkthrough and Draft Live with Trey Wingo

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIAugust 19, 2012

image from EA Sports
image from EA Sports

Every intriguing detail for Madden 13 is becoming available to the public. The most recent nuggets are the two videos below that showcase the Connected Careers website and the NFL draft experience on the game.

The Connected Careers website will get you fired from your job if you aren't careful.

This allows you to access the news and happenings in your Connected Careers franchise from your PC or Mac. You can even make personnel moves from the site anywhere.

How awesome is that?

The NFL draft experience with Trey Wingo seems engrossing. EA Sports has attempted to compensate for removing the option to import a draft class from NCAA Football 13. That was always a major draw for me.

The part that genuinely appealed to me was having some familiarity with the players entering my franchise mode. When rookies are generated as random names with no details, it can be a bit bland.

Madden 13 addressed this issue with back stories for the incoming rookies, and they may be a bit more elaborate than you'd think.

Wingo makes reference to some players being second generation players, and a mock Twitter feed, boasted by real-life media personalities, adds some spice to the experience.

Bleacher Report's own Matt Miller is one of the featured media personalities and draft experts who chime in.

Check out both of the videos below. Every detail has us anticipating the August 28 release even more.

Also check out the Madden 13 tracker for any information on the game that you may have missed.


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