WWE SummerSlam 2012: Showcasing Stars That Desperately Need to Win at PPV

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 19, 2012

Dec 30, 2011; Las Vegas, NV, USA; UFC fighter Brock Lesnar waves to the crowd prior to the fight against Alistair Overeem (not pictured) during a heavyweight bout at UFC 141 at the MGM Grand Garden event center. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

With SummerSlam 2012 already here, the excitement around WWE’s huge pay-per-view is through the roof, but there is some closely guarded skepticism as well.

As great as this show could be, the WWE has a long history of ruining things because of behind-the-scenes issues.

With that said, all of the following stars must win their matches Sunday or they could be relegated to the “Who Cares” pile soon enough.

Each of the stars below could help the WWE take a step in the right direction, but it will take commitment to their characters for that to happen. That starts with a win at SummerSlam.


Daniel Bryan

With Daniel Bryan on an unreal losing streak on PPVs, it’s time for WWE to realize their mistakes and rebuild all of the credibility of the former World Champion by letting him pin Kane clean on Sunday.

Bryan is the best technical wrestler in the WWE, and the company now realizes that he is much more than that. With the “Yes” and “No” chants really catching fire with the mainstream audience, and his segments being some of the best on Raw and SmackDown every week, Bryan needs a decisive win to prove he is still worthy of the upper echelon.

If Bryan wins this match, he would remain a viable option to contend for either World title without a question, but if the star loses yet again, he will be relegated to a comedy character.

D-Bry is too good to be treated like Santino Marella.


Brock Lesnar

While many fans don’t know which way this match will go, there is only one true way it has to go: Brock Lesnar must defeat Triple H and regain all the momentum he lost when the WWE decided to have John Cena beat him at Extreme Rules.

Lesnar came in as a war machine that could destroy anything, but a loss in his first matchup against Cena killed all of the momentum the former UFC champion came into the WWE with.

As much as Triple H is going to hate it, not only does he have to lose, he has to get beat down by Lesnar to make it believable when he fights Undertaker at Wrestlemania. If Lesnar hasn’t won a match yet, no one in their right mind would believe Brock would beat Undertaker.

As the years have progressed, Triple H has been more and more willing to play the martyr, but this will be a tough pill to swallow unless there is something bigger in the works. This is when Triple H loses to Brock but starts the feud with HBK for their potential WrestleMania moment.


Antonio Cesaro

There was talk that Antonio Cesaro needs to step up his performances in the WWE if he wants to continue his push, but the truth of the matter is that the young wrestler has done great in the limited time in which he has been given.

Cesaro is as technically sound as the WWE could ever as for, and his Swiss gimmick is tried and true; everyone loves to hate the foreign wrestlers that talk bad about the crowd and America.

If Cesaro loses to Santino Marella on Sunday on the YouTube pre-show, the push will be all but over. On the other hand, if Cesaro wins the U.S. title, he will become a bona fide star and the doors will open wide for what could be a career-changing push.

The former Ring of Honor star has to win Sunday, though.


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