WWE SummerSlam 2012: Triple-Threat WWE Championship Match Is Solid Booking

Dathen BoccabellaAnalyst IIAugust 19, 2012

Image courtesy of grizzlybomb.com
Image courtesy of grizzlybomb.com

How many times have CM Punk and John Cena faced off over the years?

There was last year’s classic at Money in the Bank, the rematch at SummerSlam and, more recently, their title match on Raw 1000.

The Big Show and Cena have met in the ring a number of times.

They’ve had matches together at WrestleMania XX and XXV, No Way Out earlier this year and countless other times at pay-per-views, weekly programs and house shows.

Punk and Big Show worked a couple of weeks ago, pitting skill against girth.

By booking a triple-threat match at SummerSlam, WWE creative has been "creative."

It is something different; not just a repeat of SummerSlam’s Cena vs. Punk main event from last year.

Additionally, there’s the simple philosophy of three being greater than two. The three will complement one another and put on a far better and more unique match than any two could alone.

Cena has the strength, Big Show has the size and Punk has the technical abilities. Together, they have a larger arsenal of spots, moves and abilities.

It's simple logic, but logic seems to be lacking in WWE’s booking far too often.


There is, of course, also the extra level of unpredictability. Triple-threat matches open up a whole new plethora of ways to win dirty. Punk doesn’t even have to be involved in the fall to lose the title.

With this three-way environment, the victory could go any way.

Whatever way it goes, the WWE has made the right decision in booking SummerSlam’s WWE Championship match.

For once, let’s give the company’s booking staff credit when they deserve it.