WWE 13: Fighters Who Should've Made This Year's Roster

Austin GreenCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2012

Image from thq.com
Image from thq.com

The WWE 13 roster has been revealed, and although it features most of the usual suspects, there are a few popular wrestlers who were not included.

Whether it was because of contract issues, scheduling conflicts or some other sort of personal issue, the following characters were unfortunately left out of the game.

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The WWE is building Ryback up to be an unstoppable monster in the ring, but for some reason, the giant was left off the roster of this year's game.

This is sure to upset a lot of people, as the massive enforcer has quickly become a fan favorite. Since his SmackDown debut back in April, Ryback has put on some entertaining squash matches, and he's starting to develop into a singles force as well.

Ryback has defeated Camacho, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks in recent weeks, and he looks primed to rise through the ranks of the WWE.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to pit him in salivating matchups against the likes of Brock Lesnar, The Big Show and Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Tyson Kidd

Although he recently competed for the World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the Bank, Tyson Kidd was not included on the WWE 13 roster.

This is a major disappointment, as Kidd has been an established and popular member of the company for several years. He has held the Tag Team Championship belt, and although he's not one of the premier singles competitors, he certainly deserved to be in the game.

When you consider that the WWE made room for two versions of many characters, the exclusion of Kidd becomes even more heinous. This guy's got the right idea:

Then again I'm really just pissed that they left out so many awesome mid carders like Tyson Kidd but included all the doubles.

— Dave (@TheSecondDavid) August 18, 2012



WWE 13 has a strong Divas roster, but it feels very empty without the current champion, Layla.

Despite claiming the Divas Championship at Extreme Rules a few months ago, you will not be able to play as Layla in the game.

This is an even bigger disappointment, considering her numerous successful title defenses in recent weeks, as it looks like she will be a prominent figure in the division for the foreseeable future.

While it would be great to see how she would fare against wrestlers like AJ and Trish Stratus, you unfortunately won't have the opportunity.