For Love or Money?: Why Baseball Players Play the Game

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For Love or Money?: Why Baseball Players Play the Game
In light of the new developments in today's sports with money, legal issues, steroids and all the other stuff going on I am brought to the question: Why do people do what they do?

Do guys play the sports for money or for true passion? I myself play baseball and would play 24/7/365 if I could. I have a passion for the game that I get made fun of for because I can't stop thinking about it.

It makes me sick to see guys that don't love the game as much as they should. There are guys who play solely for the money they can make. That is ridiculous. Why do these guys do it? How could you live for a second when the game you play is not the thing that you truly love? Why do people get there and then turn into idiots?

You hear every day now about the guy that got shot, got in a fight, was drunk, got arrested, has serious legal problems, is in jail and the list goes on and on. They've got it all and they can't be happy.

What's happening to our world? You now look at guys like Jason Giambi, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco who are completely ruining our game by using steroids. They've got the raw talent so why do they have to go and do something illegal? To give themselves an edge? Yeah. They get a real edge by getting kicked out of the game. Oh, wait. Never mind.

The penalty for steroids is what now? A slap on the wrist? It's complete insanity and we are letting it happen. What happened to honesty and integrity? Isn't this America's national past time? Can anyone tell me where REAL baseball has gone?

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