NBA Rumors: Playing Fact or Fiction with Latest Free Agent Updates

Stephen FenechCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2012

NBA Rumors: Playing Fact or Fiction with Latest Free Agent Updates

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    While the NBA offseason has mostly come to a halt, there are a handful of free agents that are still capable of being role players.

    No one should expect the final wave of free agents to be super impactful, but at this point last year, Jeremy Lin was a free agent. 

    Whether there will be another Jeremy Lin-type player remains to be seen, but the mere chance of that happening keeps this part of the offseason interesting. 

    With so many rumors flying around the Internet, it's hard to discern the fact from the fiction. Just look at the Dwight Howard saga as a reference; much of what was out there were rumors and we didn't get the real story to after the trade finally took place. 

    Now it is time to ask the question, fact or fiction, with the remaining players that are on the open market. 

Andray Blatche

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    Earlier in the offseason, the Washington Wizards used their amnesty clause on Andray Blatche deciding that they no longer wanted him to play in their front court.

    Considering that Blatche was a 16-point, 8-rebound per game performer just a year ago, it is strange that he can't seem to find a new home. Clearly, front offices around the league think his performance last year was so bad that he can't bounce back. 

    According to a twitter post from ESPN's Marc Stein, the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs have expressed interest in bringing in the 25-year old big man but no deal is imminent. 

    Blatche has the potential to be a quality starting power forward in the NBA, but he would need to get himself onto the right team with the right head coach. 

    I think it is fiction that Blatche ends up in San Antonio, because I don't see Gregg Popovich wanting to take on another eccentric player. 

    FACT: The Heat will find a way to bring in Blatche, who will bounce back from last season's disappointment. Washington Wizards fans will also be incensed that Blatche is playing well again, while their ownership continues to pay him. 

Anthony Tolliver

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    No matter where he signs, Anthony Tolliver isn't going to be an impact player in the NBA. That being said, he would have a lot more value if he were to sign overseas.

    In that situation, Tolliver would become a big-time player and could possibly revive his career.

    According to Hoopshype, Tolliver is being courted by the Greek team Panathinaikos.

    Tolliver's agent told Hoopshype the following:

    "Panathinaikos has definitely expressed strong interest and their coaching staff loves Anthony (Tolliver)," Fox told HoopsHype. "While Anthony is flattered by their interest and the potential economics behind it, we are currently in discussions with several NBA teams. While we won't rule out Greece, the interest level from the NBA remains strong and we are continuing to pursue those options." 

    That doesn't meant that Tolliver will go overseas, as he is continuing to search for another chance in the NBA.

    FACT: Tolliver isn't going to go overseas, although I think he should, and will rejoin the Minnesota Timberwolves as they chase a playoff berth.  

Chris Anderson

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    Chris Anderson is one of the more gifted shot blockers in the NBA and is good for over a block per game. 

    While he shouldn't be expected to play a lot of minutes because he is a liability on offense, his skill set is one that every team needs. 

    According to, Anderson has multiple offers but has not received one from the MInnesota Timberwolves. 

    Fiction: Chris Anderson will not end up with the Wolves but will find a home with a different Western Conference team. 

Leandro Barbosa

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    Leandro Barbosa is the most capable scorer left on the market and still has something in the tank. The question about Barbosa is about his efficiency. 

    He is still a good producer and could help a team that has a struggling bench.

    Sam Amico tweeted the following about Barbosa:

    Lester Hudson update: Opposing team executive saw my tweet earlier and says he's heard Warriors interested. Also, speculated they may have interest in Leandro Barbosa. Suns could be interested in both too, exec added.

    Both teams would make sense, as do the Los Angeles Lakers, who could also use scoring off the bench. 

    FACT: Barbosa will wind up signing with the Golden State Warriors who could use a guard who is capable at getting to the rim. The Lakers are too far into the luxury tax, but the Suns are another strong possibility. It remains to be seen if Barbosa is able be an efficient NBA player wherever he ends up.