Chad Johnson: 4 Teams That Should Take a Chance on Maligned WR

Talib BabbCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2012

Chad Johnson: 4 Teams That Should Take a Chance on Maligned WR

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    It has been a rough week for free agent WR Chad Johnson to say the least. From being arrested, to being released by the Dolphins and essentially his wife, the 34-year-old receiver finds himself at rock bottom.

    However, there are teams out there that should be calling upon Johnson for his services. He may not be the Chad Johnson of old with Pro Bowl potential, but he could be a good slot receiver for a few teams.

    Here are four teams that should chance it with Johnson.

4: Washington Redskins

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    Daniel Snyder is a man who loves to make big name acquisitions, so why not this one? He usually does it by throwing big money at them too, but this could be the first time he could come away with a minor financial loss and get a solid receiver.

    The Redskins are not loaded with talent at the receiver position, if anything they are just stuck with short speedsters. They should upgrade and get a receiver like Johnson who could help them in the red zone.

    Robert Griffin III could learn a lot from a veteran like Johnson who has played with quarterbacks such as Carson Palmer and Tom Brady. The Skins should definitely consider a low risk, high reward move like this.

3: Tennessee Titans

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    The Tennessee Titans are a team who barely have assured talent at the position. This is something they should highly consider.

    Kenny Britt, who is their best receiver, is going through some troubles right now with law just as Johnson is. Who knows if he will be able to play as much as the Titans would like him too. Johnson can join the team and if he is not a presence on the field, can at least help young talented guys develop such as Britt.

    There is no question the Titans have a lethal running game with Chris Johnson, but there are too many questions in their passing game. Johnson can contribute a little to that problem.

2: Cleveland Browns

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    The Cleveland Browns are another team who are weaponless at the receiver position. Signing Johnson cannot hurt them.

    The Browns are in arguably the toughest division in football, so making the playoffs this season is a bit more than a stretch. However, they can bring in Johnson to help mentor the younger receivers and bring a little attention to a team nobody ever hears about. 

    The Browns have been a struggling team for a long time. Johnson can bring some excitement and public attention to the city even if they will not be good.

1: New York Jets

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    Besides Santonio Holmes, many people outside of New York can't name another receiver on the New York Jets roster. If the Jets want either Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow to succeed, they need to bring in some more weapons.

    We do not know how much Johnson has left in him, but he has a solid shot to jump up to the second spot at receiver with the lack of talent on the depth chart. Johnson is at a low-point in his career, he has no other option but to go up.

    His work ethic will be a good thing for the other receivers to see and being around Tebow can make his work ethic elevate higher. A move for Johnson by the Jets seems like a win for both parties and is something they should get on immediately.