WWE: Will Wade Barrett's Return Signal a Real Push to the Top?

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WWE: Will Wade Barrett's Return Signal a Real Push to the Top?
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It has been many months since Wade Barrett vanished to nurse a dislocated elbow.

Under the "Barrett Barrage," Wade seemed to be in line for a major push, but as fate would have it, it was not to be...until now.

With all the Nexus memories purged from thought, the proud Englishman is set to return and at the best time possible.

The current World Heavyweight championship scene is hardly making headlines. Not because of the champion, Sheamus, but because of Alberto Del Rio. The Mexican aristocrat just doesn't click with the fans and his time in the title picture is all but done.

New blood needs to be inserted here and, besides Randy Orton, there is no one more adequate or ready than Wade Barrett.

There is also the Dolph Ziggler MITB situation, which definitely adds fire to the program. It is a time showing great promise, filled with many interesting possibilities, but ultimately, the signs point to a major Barrett rise.

What's not to push about this man? 

He has great presence, an imposing figure, wrestling skills, communication skills and during that Nexus fiasco, everyone HATED Wade Barrett.

No longer carrying people with him, he is his own man, ready to take on the WWE's finest.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett...how does that sound for a top championship scene?

Dump the "Barrage" moniker already!

Four very different characters, each with his own brand and style vying for fan attention and gold. The rest of 2012 and 2013 looks promising.

If accomplished correctly, Wade Barrett's return could signal the birth of a major force within the ranks of WWE. There is a need for a top villain within the blue brand.

With CM Punk heading towards that title on Raw and Ziggler starting to become some sort of "in between" superstar, there is an opening for a "heel" position on SmackDown.

Alberto Del Rio? No! Wade Barrett? Yes! Yes! Yes! (Daniel Bryan is way too loved by the people to become a top "heel".)

Say what you will about his past performance, Wade Barrett's injury served to rethink his whole character and it appears to be ready for takeoff.

The sooner the better. 

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