WWE SummerSlam 2012: Matches That Must Be Added to Summer Spectacular

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 18, 2012

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With the excitement around WWE’s 2012 SummerSlam reaching a fever pitch, the speculation around the addition of matches to the card has the fanbase talking.

Which matches will be added?

The WWE always adds matches to the PPV card to fill in time or just get the guys that need a push on the SummerSlam card. With a plethora of big names having nothing to do, rumors have run rampant.

All of the following matches have been teased over the last two weeks and should be added to the event. With a lackluster SummerSlam feel, adding secondary matches like this could satisfy more fans.


Brodus Clay vs. Damien Sandow

If you want a match added to the SummerSlam that can really start a legitimate feud and become a midcard sensation, look no further than the battle between Brodus Clay and Damien Sandow.

WWE is ready to make this happen, as they have been teasing it for weeks on both Raw and SmackDown. For the members of the WWE Universe that have been calling for a strengthening of the midcard, here is your match.

Sandow has been absolutely genius since returning as a heel to WWE TV, and coupled with the mass face appeal of Brodus Clay, this feud has the potential to mean something to almost everyone in the audience.

From the smarkiest smark to the markiest mark, everyone wants this match to happen.


Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara

While there hasn’t been much to this feud yet, the evolving battle between Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes is very interesting.

Fans already love Sin Cara and hate the heel Rhodes, so this will only further draw that line for the WWE Universe while building both stars up in a serious midcard feud. With both men teasing the possibility of a match with a stipulation surrounding Sin Cara's mask, this could become a feud fans look back on and really remember.

This is exactly what the WWE needs: storyline depth.

There is no doubt that the in-ring action should be very fun to watch, but it will be the chance for Rhodes to carry a feud on the microphone that could establish him as a serious threat to a World title sooner rather than later.


Randy Orton vs. Anyone

The fact that Randy Orton is just coming off his second suspension is obviously the reason the star doesn’t have a match on the company’s second-biggest PPV of the year, but the WWE must get him a match.

Orton is too big of a star to be left off SummerSlam.

With plenty of stars like Heath Slater and JTG who have nothing to do, the WWE could easily stick Orton in a match to squash a star and give his hordes of fans something positive to talk about.

It is just a matter of time before the company pushes the Viper right back to the main event, so the company should just swallow their pride and give the man a match.

This card is lackluster for a SummerSlam, and even the biggest RKO hater could see that the WWE has been foolish not giving him a match to sell the show. They gave Rey Mysterio a match.


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