The Top Five Superstars That the WWE Needs to Release ASAP

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The Top Five Superstars That the WWE Needs to Release ASAP
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The WWE is getting ready to embark on the fall run of the season, usually the last run where you could build up feuds, try different matchups, and really focus on the wrestling aspect of the industry before the road to WrestleMania begins.

Now while there are several guys who are trying to make a claim for why they should main-event WrestleMania, there are some guys that are just taking up roster spots that could be used for the younger talent down in NXT.

I believe that the WWE has a lot of quality young talent in the company that deserve to have their shot on the main roster or in some key feuds, so now would be the perfect time to clean house for the company before making the fall run. 

This list is based around the idea of who I believe the WWE should release and why. Now it's nothing personal again these superstars, but the fact is the WWE needs to open some roster spots, and I feel these guys have not hit their mark in the company.

Now again, this is just my opinion, so if you have any comments either agreeing with me or not, then just please leave them below in the comment box. Also if you have some superstars who you'd like to see go, then leave the list below in the comment box.

So here are the five superstars I feel that the WWE should release ASAP.  

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