The Top Five Superstars That the WWE Needs to Release ASAP

Travis Smith@TravisLeeSmith2Analyst IIAugust 18, 2012

The Top Five Superstars That the WWE Needs to Release ASAP

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    The WWE is getting ready to embark on the fall run of the season, usually the last run where you could build up feuds, try different matchups, and really focus on the wrestling aspect of the industry before the road to WrestleMania begins.

    Now while there are several guys who are trying to make a claim for why they should main-event WrestleMania, there are some guys that are just taking up roster spots that could be used for the younger talent down in NXT.

    I believe that the WWE has a lot of quality young talent in the company that deserve to have their shot on the main roster or in some key feuds, so now would be the perfect time to clean house for the company before making the fall run. 

    This list is based around the idea of who I believe the WWE should release and why. Now it's nothing personal again these superstars, but the fact is the WWE needs to open some roster spots, and I feel these guys have not hit their mark in the company.

    Now again, this is just my opinion, so if you have any comments either agreeing with me or not, then just please leave them below in the comment box. Also if you have some superstars who you'd like to see go, then leave the list below in the comment box.

    So here are the five superstars I feel that the WWE should release ASAP.  

Jack Swagger

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    Jack Swagger was once on top of the world, as he was the World Heavyweight champion back in 2010 when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Chris Jericho. Swagger's time was short-lived, as he lost the title that June to Rey Mysterio, and his run was killed completely.

    Since 2010, Swagger has been hit or miss and he has not gotten an opportunity to compete for the WWE or World title. People were not happy with Swagger's run with Ziggler and Vickie last year, so it seems like Jack has now hit jobber status in the company. I believe that now would be the time to get rid of Swagger.

    Look, Jack is a solid talent with a great look, but he hasn't really found out who he is in the WWE. He isn't someone that the company is going to just hand another run to, so maybe Swagger needs to venture out to another company and try his luck there.

    I think Jack can wrestle very well and is someone who can be a star since he is still a young guy, so maybe a stint in ROH would benefit him a ton. He could work on his in-ring performance before trying WWE again, or maybe going to TNA to become a bigger star than ever before.

    Swagger has talent and can still be a star in the wrestling industry, but the WWE isn't the right fit for him at all.

Drew McIntyre

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    Drew McIntyre has many of the IWC on his side when it comes to him receiving a push, however, the WWE hasn't gotten the memo. Drew continues to be a jobber in the company and is thus, just filling up a roster spot. I feel that the WWE needs to get rid of this kid because they do not have any faith in him at all.

    I personally feel like Drew could be a guy that the WWE could use as a very solid United States champion, as he his one of the better heels on the microphone and in the ring. The company did give Drew a push when he debuted in 2009 when they pushed the IC title on the young man, but after his title reign, the WWE stopped the push with the kid.

    Drew's persona fits the modern day WWE, but his in-ring work was molded for the 1990's, as he reminds me of a younger Triple H.

    I think that Drew need not go to TNA or ROH because he will not get much of a shot in America. A stint in Japan would do him well. He could learn to adjust his style and maybe come in with a bigger push like Lord Tensai did when he re-signed with the WWE back in January.

    Overall, Drew is a lot like Jack Swagger when it comes to age and potential, but potential won't always buy you the groceries, so I believe that the WWE needs to allow Drew to figure out who he is and venture out somewhere new instead of wasting his career away as a jobber.


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    JTG was pissed off at the WWE with his WrestleMania bonus he received, so he decided to make his voice heard on Twitter. Yes, he didn't say it to Triple H or Vince McMahon, but on a public website—so I believe that WWE needs to rid the locker room of an unhappy superstar.

    JTG's attitude and style reminds of ROH's Homicide, as he too was unhappy with TNA when they broke up the tag team of he and Hernandez, which was known the Latin American Exchange.

    Homicide was released by the company and decided to dedicate himself to becoming a bigger singles star than anyone could have thought, so he went to ROH and has been successful with the company.

    I think JTG was suited perfectly in the tag team division with Shad Gaspard when they were Cryme Tyme from 2006-2010. I believe JTG and Shad need to become a team yet again because they could be special in the industry. So let JTG go to ROH where tag team wrestling does matter, and let him prove to the WWE why he is as good as people thought he once was.

Zack Ryder

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    The Tim Tebow of the WWE is what I have dubbed Zack Ryder because no matter how poor he might be in the ring, fans still get behind the kid at any moment in time.

    However, I believe that his stint needs to end in the WWE. He isn't over with the fans as he was last winter when he held the United States championship.

    I think Zack Ryder is vastly overrated.

    His microphone skills are very weak at best, his in-ring work doesn't impress me and he is not someone that fans could picture as the future of pro wrestling.

    I believe that Ryder is a tag team wrestler at best, but I don't see him making the impact on the industry that many fans would like to see happen with this young guy.

Lord Tensai

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    Lord Tensai was a superstar that I was all for when he returned to the WWE in April, as he was solid when he was known as the A-Train back in 2003. But man, this guy has grown stale in a hurry.

    Tensai cannot get it done in the ring like I thought he use to and he isn't a heel that fans see as a monster, so now he is in a role of being a jobber for babyfaces that need a push.

    The time is now to cut Lord Tensai because he isn't a worthy investment for the company anymore, as he is getting older and isn't as crisp in the ring as he use to be.

    So, why not give that spot to a younger guy who has the look and in-ring ability.

    Lord Tensai will be a big star in Japan, but in America, he's just another jobber—and the WWE needs to rid themselves of that headache.