Breaking News: Alex Shelley Reportedly Signs with WWE

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IAugust 17, 2012

According to (h/t, WWE has agreed to terms on a contract with former TNA wrestler Alex Shelley.

When I hear this, two things cross my mind. First off, this could aptly improve the looming cruiserweight show that is supposed to air on the WWE Network. Not only will he be somewhat of a known name and a great wrestler, but he could work as a mentor for the younger guys. Based on the fact that he wasn't a huge player over at TNA, I don't see him making any big runs. However, his skills should not go unnoticed, and I doubt they will.

The second thing that comes to mind is that this may open the door to more former TNA talent heading to WWE. With the lawsuit between WWE and TNA, it was doubtful any transaction could be made, but with this recent signing, the floodgates have seemingly opened. There have been rumors of both Matt Morgan and Ric Flair returning to WWE, and now they may end up happening sooner rather than later.

This is great news for WWE, but they must use him correctly. Too often does WWE grab up a big name and use him wrongly, basically ruining his tenure. If WWE can work with Alex Shelley to his full potential, this could give the midcard and cruiserweight talent some brand new life.

Shelley is fantastic in the ring, and his mic skills aren't half bad. While it may not seem huge, Alex Shelley could be just what the WWE needs to reach the next level.