WWE Summerslam 2012: Chris Jericho Will Be Sorely Missed

Adam Nystrom@anystrom0Correspondent IIAugust 18, 2012

WWE Summerslam 2012: Chris Jericho Will Be Sorely Missed

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    In a perfect world, we would be wondering what Chris Jericho would do next after his match against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam.  Would he silence Ziggler and finally get the big win he has been lacking since he returned?  Would Ziggler score a massive win over the "best in the world at what he does?"  Would there be a rematch at Night of Champions?

    Unfortunately, we know exactly what Chris Jericho will be doing after SummerSlam, and it has nothing to do with WWE.

    Jericho will, of course, be embarking on a huge tour with Fozzy, whose latest album "Sin and Bones" is already making waves in the world of heavy metal.  As happy as I am to see him being a huge rock star, and with all due respect to everyone on the WWE roster, there's going to be a noticeable void that will not be filled by anyone else.

    How do we love Chris Jericho?  Let us count the ways.

Chris Jericho: The Wrestler

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    While Jericho has stated often that he has always wanted to be both a wrestler and a musician, we wrestling fans will always know him as the former first. 

    His latest WWE stint lasted only eight months and he had enough incredible matches to last three times that span, starting with his near victory in the Royal Rumble.  His match with CM Punk at WrestleMania was great enough for Punk to put it on his upcoming DVD. 

    Their encore at Extreme Rules was brutal and personal.  With one more still to come this Sunday against Dolph Ziggler, fans should enjoy every second of Chris Jericho in the ring.  We have no idea when he will be back.

Chris Jericho: The Talker

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    If anybody can find me a bad Chris Jericho segment where he is on the microphone, I welcome you to try.  I have not been able to do such a thing. 

    From catchphrases to insults and streeeeeeeeeeeeetching words to the point of obnoxiousness, very few people have been as good with a microphone in their hand as Jericho is. 

    His material has never felt tired or repetitive.  His Highlight Reel is right up there with Piper's Pit.  We have been shocked by his personal verbal attacks on people like Shawn Michaels and CM Punk, then turned around and laughed with his mocking of Stephanie McMahon and Alberto Del Rio. 

    Another reason? 


Chris Jericho: The Troll

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    The weeks of tiny vignettes promising "the end of the world" had people abuzz about who it could be.  The Undertaker?  Kane?  Goldberg?  Jericho's name was tossed around as well, and when the lights went out, the jacket came on. 

    Chris Jericho was back with ridiculous attire that only a rock star could pull off.  After an absence of more than a year, a visibly overexcited Jericho grabbed a microphone, stood in the center of the ring...and dropped it, playing to the crowd before leaving without a word.

    You mad, WWE Universe?

    Always a fan of messing with the internet through social media, Jericho credited Vince McMahon with the idea of coming back and not saying a word.  While it was a great idea from the chairman, it took JeriTroll to pull it off.

Chris Jericho: The Champion

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    Although the image you see here never came to fruition, there is something about Jericho's all-around skills that just make a championship belt look great around him. 

    The way he holds the title to the fans for their photo ops when he is on their side works just as well as when he plays the cocky, arrogant and smug champion who flexes his muscles when going for a pinfall using just one foot. 

    Chris Jericho didn't win any championships this time around, but I have no doubt we will see him with gold around his waist again in the future.

    Thank you, as always, for reading my piece about Jericho, and please chime in with what you'll miss about the Ayatollah of Rock 'N' Rollah!