Carolina Panthers: Drafting an Offense

Craig SchiedloCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2008

The Carolina Panthers have the 13th overall pick in the NFL draft—but what should they do with it?

The team should choose another Panther: Jeff Otah.

Jeff is an offensive tackle out of Pittsburgh. Carolina needs a better offensive line to block for their running back D'Angelo Williams.

Taking someone at the quarterback position will be very tempting for the Panthers.

But if they hold out until the second round, they could get Andre Woodson from Kentucky. Andre is more mobile than University of Louisville's Brian Brohn, another option.

Whichever players they choose, the Carolina Panthers need to rebuild their offensive unit in order to get back to the playoffs.

If they make smart picks this year and pick up a good running back next year, the Panthers could perfect their offense to become, arguably, one of the best offensive teams in the NFC by the next few season.