Auburn Football: Should 5-Star DL Dee Liner's HS Suspension Concern Tigers?

Barrett SalleeSEC Football Lead WriterAugust 17, 2012

Auburn commit Dee Liner / Photo Credit:
Auburn commit Dee Liner / Photo Credit:

Auburn defensive line commit and All-Name team member Dee Liner can't stay out of the offseason headlines.

According to the Florence (Ala.) TimesDaily and, the 5-star defensive lineman has been suspended indefinitely from his high school team after walking out of practice on Thursday.

Tweets from TimesDaily reporter Bryan App suggest that Liner's high school coach is concerned about Liner the person, not the player.

#MuscleShoals coach Scott Basden wouldn't comment on it beyond saying: "I'm more worried about Dee as a person than a player."

— Bryan App (@bappster) August 17, 2012

Is this latest incident something that should concern Auburn's coaches and players?

As a stand-alone event, probably not.

Kids handle pressure in different ways, and sometimes frustration gets let out on the practice field. Liner should know better than to walk out on his coach and team, but the events leading up to him walking out are unknown.

Big-time high school recruits are under the microscope now more than ever, and that's a lot of pressure for kids that—often times—aren't prepared for it.

But when you factor in Liner's other issues from the summer, it could be concerning.

If there's anything to be concerned about with Liner, be concerned that he was arrested for throwing things at a police officer after his mother was pulled over. I don't care what the situation is: you can't throw things at cops.

That shows a lack of respect for authority.

Becoming frustrated and walking out on your coach certainly is on the brink of that as well, but let's hold off on labeling him as a trouble-maker until the reasons leading up to the suspension are known.