WWE SummerSlam 2012 Predictions: Results That Will Blow Your Mind

Thomas AttalCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2012

John Cena
John CenaMichael N. Todaro/Getty Images

In just a few days, the Staples Center will play host to WWE SummerSlam 2012. Celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, this edition of the SummerSlam is sure to provide us with plenty of thrills and surprises.

Here are our picks for the big upsets of the main wrestling event of the summer:


Antonio Cesaro Takes the United States Championship

This pre-show fight for the United States Championship isn't exciting many fans, and that's exactly why WWE need to make this a big one.

The few fans of Santino Marella are hoping the trend of having the champion lose non-title fights, only to win when defending his prize, continues. That, and the lack of creativity shown by Cesaro up until this point will make Marella the favorite.

It looks like Cesaro's window of opportunity is closing quickly, though, so it has to be now for him. He likely won't keep the title for very long, but Cesaro will pull off the upset and take the U.S. Championship belt.


John Cena Doesn’t Win

Besides perhaps The Rock, John Cena may be the biggest name in wrestling. Putting their superstar in the WWE Championship Triple Threat match may seem like an indication that WWE is planning a Cena win, but they are just setting us up for a shocker.

CM Punk is still mad that Cena didn't shake his hand on RAW, so Punk will go after Cena early and quickly. That leaves room for the man the WWE has been trying to shove down our throats.

Big Show may not put on the biggest show, but he just doesn't seem to go away despite numerous losses. He will get the title while Cena and Punk take one another out.


The Miz Loses His Title to Rey Mysterio

Ok, so The Miz just got the Intercontinental Championship belt. To make matters even worse for Rey Mysterio, he just made his big return to competition.

It would seem that Mysterio's win over The Miz in the non-title fight last week is setting the stage for The Miz to get his revenge, but things might turn out a bit differently. Having Mysterio lose a title bout so quickly after his return wouldn't make sense for WWE.

The Intercontinental Championship has been bouncing around as of late, and The Miz isn't ready to keep it just yet. WWE seems to be setting up a win by The Miz, and that's exactly why they'll surprise the world by having Mysterio pull out a big win.

One more change of ownership for the Intercontinental Title, and Mysterio succeeds in his comeback.