The Devin Hester Experiment: Time as a Chicago Bears WR to Diminish This Season?

Brett SoleskyCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2012

Devin Hester
Devin HesterJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

During this offseason the Bears have gone out of their way to praise Devin Hester and make it known that Hester will be the starting flanker opposite Brandon Marshall.  Mike Tice talks about a special Devin Hester package for the Bears' offense and how he will be an important piece to the team's success. 

That's the information we're getting from the Bears, but what we saw in camp was a completely different story.

Rookie Alshon Jeffery is the real deal and should reduce Hester's role sooner, rather than later.  The knock on Jeffery is that he doesn't run good routes, the knock on Hester has been essentially the same thing. 

The most important attribute a wide receiver must possess is good hands. This is the consistent theme we've heard regarding Jeffery; he catches everything.  Jeffery may have the best hands on the team. Combined that with his physical abilities, which are second to only Marshall, and he is clearly a starter. 

The Devin Hester package, the Hester experiment should end immediately. The Bears need their best weapons on the field at all times and Hester's best attributes are in a limited role as a vertical threat. 

Jeffery has the making of a No. 1 wide receiver and his growth in this offense should not be stunted by the failure of Hester. 

We already know what Hester is and his role should be limited based on what he's shown in past years.  His production as a return specialist has gone down the more often he plays wide receiver. 

Hester is the greatest return man in the history of the NFL and his success as a returner means far more to the Bears than any potential he has at wide receiver. 

Jeffery, on the other hand, is a preeminent prospect at receiver who makes the Bears' offense better when he is on the field. 

The choice is a simple one. For the Bears to have the most success, Devin Hester's role as a wide receiver should be diminished.