Oregon Football: Ducks' New Uniforms About to Be Released, Sneak Peek Inside

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2012


It seems like only a matter of days, or maybe hours, before the Oregon Ducks release their new uniforms and everyone around the nation can begin to love them or hate them.

The Ducks are continuously known for changing things up and pushing the limit, and these new jerseys will continue that trend.

Many people have gotten a look at the Rose Bowl jerseys and understood that they would likely be adopted as the new set for the 2012 season. While it appears that they are using most of that look, the Ducks appear to have made some slight changes that nobody saw coming.

As reported by NikeBlog.com, the Ducks have some new goodies for this year, including a new helmet.

During the 2012 Rose Bowl, the Ducks debuted a liquid metal helmet. It appears that this year they will be debuting a green liquid metal helmet. Also, it appears that the Kelly Green will be used in this set and that the Ducks made some changes to the shoulders that weren't there for the Rose Bowl jerseys.

The belief of NikeBlog.com is that the Ducks will release their new uniforms on August 22, and this may be in conjunction with a new custom Oregon Duck Nike shoe that is set to be released that same day. 

Regardless of what happens, it appears that Oregon fans are in for some exciting times, and before the 2012 season begins, Duck fans will have another thing to look forward to.

Joe Penkala is a B/R National Featured Columnist who covers college football. You can contact him @joepenkala.