Latest Buzz on Preseason Green Bay Packers Player Injuries

Michael DulkaContributor IAugust 17, 2012

Latest Buzz on Preseason Green Bay Packers Player Injuries

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    Training camp has been rough to the Packers with a slew of injuries of varying degrees. Injuries have impacted players from the stars to the camp-bodies on the roster. Some have been more serious, others have been the expected bang-ups from camp. 

    Earlier this week, the Packers had over 20 players miss practice due to injuries. Multiple days, Mike McCarhty had to cut practice short because the lack of healthy bodies in camp. 

    The Packers have just over three weeks to get healthy before their season opener September 9th against the San Francisco 49ers. They should have a decent chance to have a strong team by the regular season. 

Greg Jennings

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    Injury: Concussion

    Expected Return: Unknown

    Worry Level: Mild

    Since August 3rd, Greg Jennings has missed practice after sustaining a concussion in the Family Night scrimmage. Concussions are unpredictable, which leaves Jennings' return completely up in the air. It could be a matter of a few days, a couple weeks or maybe longer. 

    The Packers have a bunch of talent for Aaron Rodgers to utilize during Jennings' absence, but it's clear the impact Jennings has on the team. After injuring his knee late last season, the Packers passing attack never really got back to full strength, even with a hobbled Jennings in the playoffs. 

    This is an injury the Packers can definitely survive without a huge drop-off. Jordy Nelson is more than capable of being the top guy. Although it would be much easier on him and the rest of the offense if Jennings was back in the lineup. 

Desmond Bishop

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    Injury: Hamstring

    Expected Return: Season in doubt

    Worry Level: Medium

    Desmond Bishop suffered the worst injury with regard to losing out on playing time. He torn his hamstring against the San Diego Chargers and will need surgery to fix the issue. He did enough damage to the hamstring that, according to Mike McCarthy, his season is in jeopardy. The results of surgery will help to determine just how badly the hamstring is injured.

    Bishop tweeted yesterday that he will be undergoing surgery today:

    My dads words echoing in my head "God don't make mistakes" I accept this injury & already looking forward to attacking surgery Fri & rehab.

    — Desmond bishop (@Desbishop55) August 16, 2012

    If not for the strong play of D.J. Smith last season, this injury would be a devastating blow. Smith was playing so well down the stretch that many thought he could replace A.J. Hawk. The worry level is only at medium because of this. If the Packers were to suffer an injury to Hawk or Smith, the worry level would be extremely high.

Jermichael Finley

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    Injury: Quad strain

    Expected Return: Next week

    Worry Level: Low

    Jermichael Finley sat out his second straight preseason game after opening up camp with a concussion while slipping during a running route. He then injured his quad upon his return, forcing him to miss more time. When asked about his return, Finley told ESPN Milwaukee, “I’m not playing this game for sure. But I’ll be back next week…for Cincinnati and practice also."

    Finley later labeled the time he missed as "maintenance." The worry here is that Finley is starting to build up a little bit of a history with injuries. He has missed quite a bit of camp, which is worrisome for a player that struggled with chemistry last season.  

James Starks

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    Injury: Turf toe 

    Expected Return: Few weeks

    Worry Level: Mild

    James Starks missed practice with a turf toe injury following the Packers' first preseason game. With Starks out of the lineup and a weak running back catalog, the Packers opted to sign veteran free agent Cedric Benson. 

    With Alex Green coming back to full strength and Benson's arrival, Starks could be in trouble if he can't get back to the practice field soon. The worry level is pretty high for Starks' individually, but the absence won't impact the Packers too much. 

Davon House

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    Injury: Dislocated shoulder

    Expected Return: Dependent on reaction of two-three weeks of rehab

    Worry Level: Medium

    Davon House was having a splendid training camp before dislocating his shoulder against the San Diego Chargers in the preseason opener. After a rookie year that spent mostly on the game-day inactive list, House was showing big improvements in year two.

    According to ProFootballTalk, "Coach Mike McCarthy said that House will rehab for the next few weeks before being reevaluated to see what the next step will be for the second-year corner."

    House was well on his way towards earning playing time opposite Tramon Williams. This will obviously hurt him in that battle, but with a couple strong weeks of rehab, House can get back into it quickly. If House misses more time, the Packers need Casey Hayward to step up in a big way.   

Sam Shields

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    Injury: Elbow

    Expected Return: One week

    Worry Level: Low

    Sam Shields injured his elbow August 6th and so far, has missed practice time and both preseason games. Missing time is very inopportune for Shields as he entered camp in a heated battle for his starting job. The injury to Davon House may have saved Shields some time, but he needs to come back strong, which according to Shields, via the Green Bay Press Gazette, "is another week away."

    The worry level isn't high at all as Shields is expected back soon and the position has relatively strong depth. Shields will get another chance to prove he is the man when he gets back on the field. 

Derek Sherrod and Andrew Quarless

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    Both Derek Sherrod and Andrew Quarless are recovering from serious leg injuries. While Sherrod isn't willing to guess when he'll be back, Quarless is still shooting for opening day

    Realistically, both players are still at least a couple weeks away from having a reasonable time-table. Both are candidates to start the season on the PUP list.