Floyd Mayweather's Fighter Andre Dirrell Could Face Carl Froch or Arthur Abraham

Justin Tate@justindavidtateCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2012

Floyd Mayweather's Fighter Andre Dirrell Could Face Carl Froch or Arthur Abraham

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    Floyd Mayweather is looking to put Andre Dirrell on a major fight card on Nov. 17 according to Dirrell himself.

    The 28-year-old super middleweight is excited to be a part of Mayweather's new promotional company, TMT (The Money Team) and the interesting opportunities that await.

    Two opportunities in particular involve high-profile rematches for Dirrell (20-1, 14 KO) that could each earn him a world title.

    IBF world champ Carl Froch (29-2, 21 KO) recently lost his planned fall opponent due to a financial disagreement, and Arthur Abraham (34-3, 27 KO) has a WBO championship match on Aug. 25.

    The power of Abraham is expected to overcome the skill of current WBO champ Robert Stieglitz (42-2, 23 KO).

    Both men could be available for the Nov. 17 date and both men have a history with Dirrell that could be used to sell a rematch.

    Here's a look at which fighter presents the more meaningful fight for Mayweather and Dirrell to make.

Arthur Abraham

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    When Abraham came into the Super Six Tournament, he was undefeated and an early favorite to win the tournament based on his long reign as a middleweight champ and immense punching power.

    Then Abraham knocked out Jermain Taylor (30-4-1, 18 KO) and his stock couldn't get any higher. Suddenly, controversy struck during his fight with Dirrell.

    Dirrell was outboxing Abraham and even put the heavy-hitter on the canvas for the first time in his career. Dirrell slipped at one point and while getting up, Abraham knocked Dirrell out.

    Since Dirrell was technically "down" when the knockout punch occurred, Abraham was disqualified and Dirrell awarded the victory.

    After two losses to the two best super middleweights in the world in Carl Froch and Andre Ward, Abraham's stock has fallen dramatically.

    Now Abraham is in a do-or-die situation against Stieglitz for the WBO belt. If Mayweather is looking to get Dirrell a meaningful title shot, a rejuvenated Abraham is a perfect place to start.

    Dirrell wasn't able to finish his first fight with Abraham in definitive fashion. In a rematch, Dirrell should aim to dominate more and possibly stop Abraham for the first time in his career.

Carl Froch

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    From knocking out Jermain Taylor to knocking out previously undefeated Lucian Bute (30-1, 24 KO), Froch has gone through the hardest gauntlet of opposition of any fighter the past three years.

    One of the names he has a win over is Dirrell. By some accounts, Dirrell was winning the fight before being robbed of a decision. It was Froch's native England where the fight took place.

    If Froch wants an opponent for the fall, he can face Dirrell. Mayweather's financial backing means a big enough offer can allow a Froch-Dirrell rematch to happen.

    If Dirrell beats Froch, he'll have avenged his one and only defeat. The only problem is Froch may become a negotiating headache as his stock has risen since stopping Bute.

    Abraham is the cheaper option due to him suffering more losses in less close fights. But avenging the loss to Froch is more important and more lucrative due to Froch's increasing drawing power.

Verdict: Froch-Dirrell Is the Better Fight

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    Froch is the most logical choice. He's immediately without an opponent, and Abraham still has to win his match against Stieglitz and that's not guaranteed.

    What is guaranteed is a major payday for Dirrell if he can beat Froch. Froch comes with a heavy following of English fans who buy and attend his fights.

    Froch also comes with the possibility for revenge, whereas Abraham is already a defeated foe (even if how the victory was obtained isn't ideal).

    Another aspect to consider is the type of opportunities that come with these fighters.

    Sauerland Boxing Promotions handles the careers of Abraham and Mikkel Kessler (45-2, 34 KO).

    It's likely that Sauerland hopes Abraham defeats Stieglitz so they can put on a big-money in-house fight between Abraham and Kessler.

    Though Froch and Bute have different promoters, the two do have a contractual agreement to face one another again in March 2013. If one should lose an interim fight, the winner replaces the loser.

    That means if Froch fights Dirrell and Dirrell defeats Froch, Dirrell replaces Froch in the big-money fight against Bute.

    While facing and beating Abraham doesn't in any way guarantee Kessler, beating Froch contractually obliges him a shot at Bute. And Bute will want his title back regardless of who holds it.

    Froch and then Bute, those two fights in a row are a legacy and financial goldmine in the super middleweight division.

    If Mayweather really wants his fighter to make an impact in boxing, Froch is the man to put him up against.