Pacific Tigers Fall to a Phantom Call

greg pitschSenior Analyst IMarch 14, 2008

Last night the Pacific Tigers took on the UC Irvine Anteaters, in a quarterfinal matchup of the Big West Tournament. It was a good game, but there was a missed call at the end of the game that ended the better team's season.

With 5.9 seconds left Pacific was fortunate enough to get a turnover, due to a defensive trap, which was soon followed by a timeout. 

The inbound pass was swung to the far side of the court where C.J. Morgan attempted a three-pointer, his shot bounced off the rim, and the cutting Mike Kirby collected the rebound. Kirby put up a last second lay-up, but it was supposedly blocked by Patrick Sanders. This was the missed call.

There should have been a goaltending violation. 

The ball had already began its fall towards the basket, when Sanders knocked it against the backboard. The evidence was available, how is this call not reviewable? When you have two teams' postseason fate on the line it is imperative that you do whatever is necessary to make sure the right team advances. 

The team advancing should have been Pacific. 

I for one had Pacific reaching the Sweet 16 this year, but now I have to try to understand why the best junior filled roster has to sit and watch the lowly Anteaters get spanked by UC Santa Barbara. 

I am willing to give UCI the credit they deserved for at least staying in the game, and not letting the late run by Pacific take away the game that they had well in hand. 

Congratulations to Patrick Sanders more than the team; he almost did the unthinkable by almost giving Pacific the win.

Better luck next year Tigers.