WWE Rumors: Thoughts on Pairing CM Punk with Paul Heyman

Elliott BinksSenior Writer IIIAugust 16, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

As reported by WrestlingINC.com, CM Punk and Paul Heyman could be set to forge a sensational partnership within the next few months.

With those in the higher echelons of the WWE currently mulling over the decision, what CM Punk not-so-surreptitiously hinted at via Twitter in May could quite possibly come to fruition.

Heyman has since moved to abate the rumor, but that still isn’t enough to eradicate the idea from our minds.

So what do we think? Would sanctioning this alignment be a wise move from the WWE?

In my opinion, the answer is a resounding yes.

Their personalities are highly compatible, particularly after Punk’s recent turn, which vastly heightens the chances of their pairing being a success.

While Heyman is right in saying that Punk does not need a mouthpiece like Brock Lesnar does, there is no reason why the two could not collaborate in their promos. Such mic work would be enthralling, with neither man a stranger to the kind of controversy that makes for such edgy and exciting viewing.

Who knows, we may even be treated to some of the great shoot-work that both are so infamous for.

Furthermore, recruiting the services of Heyman could be the start of a new stable for Punk to lead. Not necessarily the recently speculated reincarnation of the NWO, but a faction through which Punk can assert his dominance on the WWE nonetheless.

While his previous heel-group, the Straight Edge Society, garnered a sufficient degree of heat, they were never a force to be truly feared throughout the company. Similarly, when he assumed control of the New Nexus the group simply fizzled out as Punk went in search of bigger and better things.

The new alliance would need to be something of much greater significance.

Just as the Rock did with the Corporation, and later Triple H with Evolution, heading an all-conquering faction is imperative in establishing oneself as a truly domineering heel. The list of potential recruits would be lengthy to say the least, but I’ll leave it up to you guys to discuss who else would be likely to join such a stable.

While it may not be forever, even a brief alliance with Heyman would both develop Punk’s character and also result in some brilliant WWE programming.

With one eye seemingly already on WrestleMania, the company needs to be careful that they don’t drop the ball over the coming months, a habit that they have an unfortunate tendency to slip into.

By pairing CM Punk with Paul Heyman, fans are guaranteed an entertaining product, thus making it far easier for the Creative Team to balance their future plans with current storylines.

Though it remains just a rumor, the WWE would be wise to do everything within their power to ensure that it in fact becomes a reality. And for those of you who continue to doubt the chances of this happening, I’ll leave you this link as a final thought.

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