Wisconsin Football: The All-Time Dream Team Revisited

Peter RaischContributor IIIAugust 16, 2012

29 Dec 2000:  Chris Chambers #88 of Wisconsin makes an acrobatic catch in the endzone to score a touchdown in the third quarter against UCLA during the Sun Bowl at Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, Texas.  Wisconsin beat UCLA  21-20.  DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Harry How/ALLSPORT
Harry How/Getty Images

Not often does someone initiate the rebuttal against themselves, but that is exactly what I am doing. A Dream Team selection is fraught with missteps and second guesses and I realized to my chagrin, there were a few of those on my list of Badger legends. 

My hand-picked team was supposed to represent the best the university had to offer, and my success rate was darn near perfect with some tweaks here and there. So for the rest of this article, imagine I am a general manager asking players to come into my office with their playbooks in hand after being patted on the shoulder by an assistant when they came into my fictitious training facility. 

While this is not Hard Knocks, this is something much more serious. It's time for some new (old) blood on the All-Time Dream Team, and some players are not going to be happy. Meanwhile, some players will remain firmly entrenched on this collection of athletic titans much to the displeasure of rabid fans. 

While there were no qualms with my pick of Russell Wilson as QB, an uproar ensued when Nick Toon won a starting job over some other stars. I must admit, at first I thought I had made a tremendous error. I scurried back to my depth chart, watched film and studied stats.

The resolution: the younger Toon stays. He had almost 500 more receiving yards in her career and bested Chambers by one career touchdown. Both are special, but for Toon I let the numbers do the talking. 

So thank you Chris for your interest, but we are good at receiver for the time being. 

The next contested position was running back. Ron Dayne led by Matt Bernstein headlined my backfield, and that is where they will stay. Alan Ameche may have put Wisconsin on the map, but Ron Dayne made that spot what it is today. Fullback in his time was more akin to what a running back is today, so Bernstein can relax as well. Dayne has the most career rushing yards, ever, and I can't argue with history.

Alan, we will call you if we need you.

Offensive line was the third tricky pick. Here is where some players are going to have to sit a few out to let some big names in the game. Since Wisconsin does rotate linemen, I figured I would be remiss if I did not include Chris McIntosh, Paul Gruber and Joe Panos into the mix as suggested by Bleacher Report commenters Kevin and Eric.  

Kevin also offered up some alternatives at linebacker as well in DeAndre Levy and Jonathan Casillas over Mike Taylor and Chris Borland. I would be willing to swap Levy for Taylor, but Borland remains. He is one of the great ones. 

Now, the books will close on the Wisconsin Badger All-Time Dream with a roster that would make any opponent sweat.  


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