Best XI Crowd Chants in World Football

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIAugust 17, 2012

Best XI Crowd Chants in World Football

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    Football has some great fans, and throughout each game, crowds are known for coming up with some great chants.

    These chants can poke fun at an opposing player or team, praise the supporters' own team or a player on that team.

    Of course, fans of a team know better than anyone what their chants mean, but it can generally be very easy to get the gist of a chant.

    You won't find Liverpool's "You'll Never Walk Alone" here, since that's more of an anthem or a song than a chant.

    In no particular order, here are the best 11 crowd chants in world football.

One-Nil to the Arsenal

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    Its a very simple chant from the Arsenal fans, but one of the best. This chant was used against Arsenal during the George Graham era, when the club had a knack for racking up a 1-0 scoreline.

    Since then, Arsenal fans have taken up to using it with gusto, ironically acknowledging the fact that, "hey, we're winning 1-0, but at least we're winning."

Andy Carroll

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    This is a recent addition to the Everton fan arsenal and a pretty funny one at that. It is set to the tune of "That's Amore" by Dean Martin.

    "When a girl hits the floor and it's not Collymore, Andy Carroll

    When you're glassed in the face by a mug with no pace, Andy Carroll

    When your car's set on fire, called a knob and a liar, Andy Carroll

    When you're either in jail, hitting birds or on bail, Andy Carroll."

Wayne Rooney

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    "He's fat, he's scouse, he'll probably rob your house Wayne Rooney! Wayne Rooney!"

    Wayne Rooney has probably heard this in every Premier League stadium he's played in, and despite the fact that he's been at Manchester United for years now, his history in the city of Liverpool will not be forgotten.

Fat Eddie Murphy

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    Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was the subject of one of the funnier chants in recent memory when he put on a few pounds.

    It didn't help that he sort of shared a resemblance with a famous American actor.

    "Fat Eddie Murphy, you're just a fat Eddie Murphy."

Bobby Zamora

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    Bobby Zamora saw his skills, or lack thereof, made fun of by his own fans at former club Fulham with another chant sung to the tune of "That's Amore."

    "When you're sat in row Z, and the ball hits your head, that's Zamora, that's Zamora."

Manchester United Fans Don't Mind Certain Delicacies

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    This may go out of style now that Ji-Sung Park no longer plays for Manchester United, but maybe QPR will adopt it for their rivals.

    "Park, Park, wherever you may be, you eat dogs in your home country! But it could be worse, you could be scouse, eating rats in a council house!"

Two Andy Gorams

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    While we're used to hearing about the fact there's "only one" of a certain player, Andy Goram is a special case.

    Fans in Scotland were quick to pounce when the former Rangers goalkeeper was diagnosed with a mild form of schizophrenia, and came up with this piece.

    "Two Andy Gorams, there's only two Andy Gorams."

John Carew and His Gentlemanly Conduct

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    John Carew got some stick from his own fans during his time with Aston Villa after it was reported (via the Birmingham Post) that he was at a gentleman's club on the night before a game.

    "John Carew, Carew. He likes a lap-dance or two. He might even pay for you. John Carew, Carew."

Newcastle Fans Show No Love to Alan Shearer

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    Alan Shearer tried to come to the rescue of Newcastle in 2009 and help the club survive their relegation battle. He was working for the BBC at the time.

    Thing's didn't work out too well, and the Newcastle fans had this to say to their former player.

    “You should’ve stayed on the telly.”

    This may be only one line, but it certainly had to sting Alan Shearer that fans of his beloved club would treat him like that.

Liverpool and West Ham Fans Use Public Perception for a Great Chant

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    There seem to be two versions of this chant floating around the net, and both are pretty good.

    In one instance, West Ham fans are credited (via the Huffington Post) with making fun of Liverpool's crime rate with this chant.

    "We've got Di Canio, you've got our stereos."

    On the other hand, Liverpool fans are credited (via The Independent) with making fun of their own problems.

    "You've got Di Canio, we've got your stereos."

    The general idea is the same, and it makes for a  great chant

Manchester City Fans Let Their Rivals Know Which Club Has the Money in the City

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    After Manchester United was bought by the Glazer family and Manchester City by the Abu Dhabi United group, there was a shift in financial power in the city.

    City fans made sure their rivals knew about it with this chant.


    That spells (flipping) debt to me,

    With a knick knack paddywhack, give a dog a bone,

    Ocean Finance on the phone."