WWE SummerSlam 2012: CM Punk Will Retain WWE Title vs. John Cena and Big Show

Sam R. Quinn@SamQuinn_Senior Analyst IIIAugust 16, 2012

WWE SummerSlam is known for its relentless, heart-stopping action and riveting main events, and the 2012 rendition of the iconic pay-per-view will be no different.

On Sunday night in what we will refer to as the co-main event (because it isn't clear if Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar will air before or after), CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship title against John Cena and Big Show in a Triple Threat match.

In what is sure to be a contest full of carnage and things of the like, the only logical choice to win the match is Punk.

Cena has been WWE Champion a record 10 times. He's held the belt seven times in a span of less than three years. Cena would have been a smart choice to win this match if he was still one of the most beloved fans in the industry.

But now, he has become a more polarizing figure in recent times. There are plenty of people that aren't exactly thrilled when they hear Cena's entrance music and watch him walk out of the tunnel. For him to win the belt would do nothing but start another boring plot line.

Big Show is a great spectacle, but there aren't many ways that the WWE creative team could go if he were to win the championship belt—at least not many non-boring ways.

To put it bluntly, Big Show is just too boring to hold the WWE championship at this point in time.

Punk would be the best choice to win this match and retain his title simply because of his opponent's shortcomings, but there would be many benefits if he were to win.

I'm expecting that Punk will win this match in a way that will complete his heel turn. Lately, we have seen inklings (or more than inklings) that would suggest that Punk is heading away from a likable character and more towards a bad guy.

A title retention by Punk would open up various opportunities in regards to his relationship with general manager AJ Lee.

One does not have to stretch their imagination too far to find themselves believing that if Punk wins on Sunday, AJ will force him to defend his title often. That would allow the WWE to schedule more high-level matches between Punk and his challengers.

The creative team could go the other way and use a Punk win as a way to remove AJ from the general manager spot. While her brief tenure as the GM has been intriguing, there is no question that she can't hold this spot for any prolonged period of time. It is nothing more than a gimmick.

We have seen the WWE take unexpected—and sometimes poorly received—routes in its quest to spice up the show, so don't be surprised if the result takes the fans by surprise.

Either way, this match will be one of the night's best.