WWE: Backlash from Current and Former Stars Exposes Turmoil Within Promotion

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IAugust 16, 2012

It's clear to most people nowadays that WWE is not the brilliant promotion it once was. It seems like an awfully long time ago that the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold were regular fixtures on our television screens, even though it was really only 10 years ago. In that case, it seems even further away that Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were engulfed in their infamous feud, despite it being only 15 years ago.

The decreasing quality of the product has been a problem for a while now. I'm not one of those people who tend to bash the PG rating, although I have to make an exception now as it's startlingly obvious that it's ruining WWE.

Somehow, despite the fact that SmackDown has long been PG before this so-called PG era, the global rating of every show has really tightened everything to a point that a hooded nun would be green with envy.

The terrible episodes that WWE throw at us every week mirror that of an ailing state backstage amongst its workers.

Many employees, both old and new, are discontent with the nature of which they are or were being treated. While most are fearful to speak up, there are a few making a stand on behalf of everyone else.

JTG is one of them, expressing how disillusioned he is with life at WWE. He also notes the mindset of his colleagues who apparently share his beliefs but are uneasy with airing their issues. This fear of being thrown into the revolving door that many before have been thrown into is particularly worrying. A large group of people are all scared of losing their jobs, which is never a good thing.

These people don't wish to speak up because they know that if they do, there's a stark possibility that they could be cut loose. How can they follow their dreams, or provide for themselves or any family they may have, when the axe is being swung without any real thought?

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, JTG's comments have sparked a flame within the locker room. Many undercard stars are very approving of his willingness to voice what they couldn't—almost as if he has become a real-life CM Punk. It could be the start of a legit uprising within the promotion, a workers' strike against mistreatment.

On the topic of being mistreated, another worker has been very outspoken about his misuse. A certain Mr. Brian Jossie, known during his tenure with the company as Abraham Washington (or A.W.), has taken it upon himself to highlight the persistent problems backstage.

One could say it's an act of bitterness following his dismissal after a Kobe Bryant joke caused an apparent outrage, although one could also say that he has made himself a "martyr" of sorts, speaking for those in need when he cannot lose anything else.

Jossie, whose old Twitter handle @AWPromotions has been suspended, has used the social networking site to publicize his somewhat controversial thoughts. His new account, @BJRatedR, is riddled with tweets showcasing his dissatisfaction toward WWE, its corporation and Linda McMahon, who seems to be instrumental in a lot of the existent problems.

I don't think it will be too much longer until we see another talent rebel. There's a number of members on the roster who have every right to. Maybe Drew McIntyre will be next? He's been nonsensically punished for being domestically abused by his wife over two years ago.

I can't be sure, though. I'm a man, not a mind-reader.


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