WWE: Why Another Rock-Cena WrestleMania Match Is Not What the Fans Want

Travis SmithAnalyst IIAugust 16, 2012

Photo from www.beyondattitude.blogspot.com
Photo from www.beyondattitude.blogspot.com

WrestleMania 28 was dubbed "The people's WrestleMania" as two of the biggest icons in the history of WWE went toe to toe in the main event. This epic showdown was highly anticipated as generations were set to clash as the star of the "Attitude" era, The Rock faced off against today's cash-cow of the company, John Cena.

This match was hyped to the absolute maximum as the WWE had announced this match an entire year before. Sadly though, this match did not live up to the hype, so to think that we might get round two at WrestleMania 29 just makes me sick!

Look, fans love great wrestling, but the match at WrestleMania 28 was not that at all. Sure, there were a few spots that made you go "wow," but I did not see this going down as an all-time classic like Hogan vs. Rock was back in 2002. Cena and The Rock were better against each other in promos but when it came to in-ring work, neither man really seemed to find his groove against the other.

I've spoken to many wrestling fans since April, and when I have brought up the idea of having a rematch, many said "no" quickly. It's obvious the WWE is wanting to put Cena vs. Rock yet again for one main reason, pay-per-view buys.

Now I think the rematch would sell very well, but I don't think that die-hard pro wrestling fans want to see this match at all. This is the WrestleMania match that the fans do not want.

The match at WrestleMania 28 was themed as "Once In A Lifetime." So now think about this, how can you hype round two when there originally wasn't suppose to even be a second match between these two icons? Well, the answer I have is simple: Do not go through with this rematch.

John Cena and The Rock need to face off with fresh new faces at WrestleMania 29. John Cena has done it all in the business from being WWE champion to the top man in the industry. John Cena has conquered all mountains and stands in a spot like Hulk Hogan was in back in the early '90s.

So when thinking of a new challenge for Cena, there was only one logical answer for him. I believe the WWE needs to put one new goal in front of Cena, that would be breaking the Undertaker's undefeated WrestleMania streak of 20-0.

The Undertaker defeated both members of D-Generation X in the past four WrestleManias, so the WWE needs to put a new option on the table for the Deadman, and what better way to go 21-0 then to face off with the top guy in the industry?

Brock Lesnar has been rumored to face Undertaker at WrestleMania 29, but I think John Cena could have a much better match than Lesnar and could be one of a few guys today that fans could realistically see ending the streak. John Cena vs. The Undertaker would have to be a main-event level match and would be viewed as "must-see" TV.

Now I am not saying to kill the idea of Cena vs. Rock part two; I am saying to not have it at WrestleMania 29. I think the two should go toe to toe at the Royal Rumble for the WWE title where The Rock could win the title one more time like Hulk Hogan's run in 2002 was.

This would give fans a sense of hope that The Rock was back and then they could get another big match at WrestleMania, The Rock defending the WWE title against CM Punk.

CM Punk is in a mode right now where he is trying to turn full-fledged heel while keeping his elite status amongst the wrestling audience. I think CM Punk's title reign has proven that he is a top guy in the business, and I believe that he is a big enough draw to face The Rock at WrestleMania 29.

I was someone who doubted that The Rock would ever work with CM Punk due to Punk's prior comments about Dwayne. So if this match were to happen, you would get a huge buzz around the event as this would be for the richest prize in the industry.

I've gotta believe that CM Punk would have fans hating him and it would set for one of the craziest settings in wrestling history. The Rock vs. CM Punk is a match-in-waiting, so why not hold off for this match until WrestleMania where then the entire world will indeed be watching?

So hopefully the WWE will do the right thing and not go through with Rock vs. Cena II at WrestleMania 29. Wrestling fans enjoyed the first match to a point, but fans now want something new and that match would not be received well by the fans at all.


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