WWE: How Rey Mysterio Can Have One Last Great Run

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 16, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Rey Mysterio has been one of WWE's most popular superstars and in-ring workers for the better part of a decade, but at the age of 37, his storied career is likely coming to a close in the near future. Mysterio is kind of stuck in between the mid-card and main event right now, but there is a way to ensure he has one final run.

Mysterio is the type of guy who would be a safe choice to hold the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship for a short time because of his pedigree and how over he is with the fans, but his time has passed in that regard. With that said, the creative team would be smart to use Mysterio to resurrect a dead division.

By that I mean the tag-team division, which has been in absolute shambles for almost three years. The tag-team division used to be one of the company's gems, particularly in the early 1990s, but it is almost nonexistent at this point.

Perhaps the reason is that the creative team isn't willing to put time into creating and developing new teams, but there is a very obvious one just waiting to be formed in Mysterio and Sin Cara. Both are absolute icons in Mexico and neither is doing much of anything currently, so there's no reason not to pair them at this point.

The only teams that WWE is putting any time into right now are the champions, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, as well as the Prime Time Players. Although both teams have their merits, neither is going to revitalize the tag-team division by any means. Kofi and Truth seem like placeholder champions, while the Prime Time Players lost a lot of their steam when A.W. was fired.

When it comes to a team of Mysterio and Sin Cara, the good thing is that it essentially writes itself and it wouldn't take any effort from the writers whatsoever. Just have the Prime Time Players win the titles from Kofi and Truth at SummerSlam, then have them feud with Mysterio and Sin Cara with the luchadors taking the straps at Night of Champions.

From there, I would love to see Mysterio and Sin Cara hold the titles for several months and have exciting matches with little-used tag teams like Primo and Epico, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks and Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. Mysterio and Sin Cara can continually retain, but put over those up-and-coming teams by making them look good in defeat.

Over the course of their reign, it will give the creative team plenty of time to create new teams or introduce them on WWE programming from NXT Wrestling. Then, a couple months prior to WrestleMania, create some dissension between Mysterio and Sin Cara, which results in them losing the titles.

Maybe Mysterio could become jealous and claim that the fans turned on him and began supporting Sin Cara more. This could lead to the first heel turn of Mysterio's WWE career and a huge match between himself and Sin Cara at WrestleMania.

It wouldn't necessarily need a stipulation, but if Mysterio decides that he wants to hang his boots up and make that his final match, then it could be a mask vs. career match with Mysterio losing and being forced to retire. Then, Mysterio could go out on a good note by reverting back to his normal face status and embracing Sin Cara in the middle of the ring.

I'm not sure there would be any better way for Mysterio to go out than like that. Not only would he be competing in what is a dream match for many fans, but he could leave behind a lasting legacy if he and Sin Cara are able to help the tag-team division rise from the ashes.

Mysterio may not be main-event material any longer, but he still has a lot to offer if booked correctly.


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