Liverpool FC: Ranking Manchester United and the Reds' Most Hated Rivals

Alan Hainkel@@fntncitysoccerContributor IAugust 16, 2012

Liverpool FC: Ranking Manchester United and the Reds' Most Hated Rivals

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    As we approach the beginning of the 2012-13 season, it's time we took a look at the clubs that Liverpool love to hate the most.

    The only question is, which teams make Liverpool fans feel the worst in defeat? On the flip side, which teams make Liverpool fans feel the best after a win?

5. Arsenal

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    This rivalry has lost some of its luster over the last few seasons, what with the departures of Thierry Henry, Samir Nasri and now Robin van Persie, but there's just something about winning at the Emirates that makes the Reds feel good.

    The Gunners will likely struggle to match last season's performance after losing their leading scorer, but they'll still be a tough team to beat, and just as satisfying.

4. Everton

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    Some people, particularly those who live in Liverpool, may have Everton higher up this list.

    There is no doubt that every Reds fan thoroughly enjoys winning the Merseyside Derby, but there is one thing that drops them back down the list.

    I don't know if he attends every year, but I've seen pictures of David Moyes at the Hillsborough memorial on a couple of occasions. There's a certain amount of respect that's earned from that.

3. Manchester City

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    Manchester City have moved up a few notches following the club's recent success. It's probably got something to do with the way the team essentially bought the league title.

    I'm sure some would say that Liverpool fans are simply jealous of their success—and that may be so—but there's still something strangely pleasurable about seeing Mario Balotelli being sent off.

    That is, even if it's not against Liverpool.

2. Chelsea

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    Chelsea may be near the top of this list for more than one reason.

    I know the Reds faithful felt pretty good after beating them in league play after losing the FA Cup final last season, but there's something else.

    Maybe it's owner Roman Abramovich and his money, maybe it's his smug look up in the owner's box—I know that many took a great deal of pleasure when they heard his yacht had been filled with regular gasoline, rather than the diesel it required, thus ruining the engine.

    Maybe it's simply the fact that Fernando Torres went there and struggled mightily to score goals for quite a while.

    In any event, Chelsea are near the top of the list. I'm sure Tottenham feels the same way, considering Chelsea took their Champions League spot last season.

1. Manchester United

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    Maybe it's because they're described as the New York Yankees of the Premier League—I have a strong dislike for the Bronx Bombers, too—but no Liverpool fan feels better after any other win than they do after a win over Manchester United.

    The dislike only intensified after Luis Suarez was suspended for eight matches for allegedly racially abusing Patrice Evra. The FA may as well stand for Fergie's Association, as far as many Liverpool fans are concerned.

    Manchester United may have passed the Reds in their total number of league titles, but Liverpool still have more European championships than the Red Devils.

    That's my list. What's yours?