3 Lessons Already Learned by San Francisco 49ers Fans

Alvaro Alfaro@@alverrroCorrespondent IIAugust 16, 2012

3 Lessons Already Learned by San Francisco 49ers Fans

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    Fans of the San Francisco 49ers have learned many lessons during the championship years, and even through the dismal periods.

    Those that have been lucky enough to have seen back-to-back Hall of Fame quarterbacks lead the Niners truly know football bliss.

    On the other hand, those same fans that stuck around for the years that the 49ers were constantly at the bottom of the NFL are fully aware of how low this franchise has stooped.

    Now that the 49ers are on the brink of another championship run, follow along to see the most important lessons learned throughout the years. 

3. Never Assume

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    Since 2006, the Niners have went 7-9 twice, and 8-8 once. After those campaigns, many fans assumed the following season would surely be the year that the 49ers break out of the NFC West. 

    Alas, it never happened until the 2011 season. With the current 49ers organization, it's never safe to assume. Who actually thought after hiring Jim Harbaugh the Niners would go 13-3 and reach the NFC Championship in his first year coaching?

    While another dynasty in the making seems to be the talk of the town, fans should pump the brakes for the meantime.

2. Be Grateful with What You Have

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    In reality, 49ers fans have been spoiled.

    After having back-to-back Hall of Fame quarterbacks in Joe Montana and Steve Young, it only felt natural for another great quarterback to lead the way.  While Jeff Garcia seemed like the real deal for a few seasons, fans eventually realized he didn't have the same magic.

    It took a few years, but the Niners finally have a steady leader on offense. By no means is Alex Smith on the same level as past 49ers legends, but he is certainly capable of steadying the ship.

    After watching Smith struggle for the latter part of the decade, fans have come to grasp and appreciate what they have at quarterback. Smith may never make an All-Pro team, but he has the skill set to help bring another championship to San Francisco.  

1. Winning Doesn't Last Forever, and Neither Does Losing

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    Starting in 1983, the 49ers posted a winning record in an incredible 16 straight seasons.

    Many fans that were blessed to witness the Niners in the 80s and 90s thought this magnificent ride would never end. How could it? Every year, the 49ers delivered in spectacular fashion.

    However, after the Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens era, things took a dramatic step backwards.

    When the best players on the offense were Tim Rattay, Brandon Lloyd, Arnaz Battle and Kevin Barlow, there was a huge problem.

    Fans were doomed in the late 2000s. San Francisco somehow managed to go eight straight seasons without posting a record over .500. The glory days were long gone, but the faithful quickly learned winning doesn't last forever.

    Although, with this current squad, it should be noted that the losing days are just a thing of the past.